1. 'Goldeneye: Source' Alpha Released

    By Greg Nolle on 2005-12-25

    It’s a bit late, but finally Goldeneye: Source is available in “alpha” release form, and just in time for some Christmas gaming.

    For those who have never heard of Goldeneye: Source, here is some information from its official FAQ:

    Goldeneye: Source is a HL2 Modification porting the N64 Classic to the Source Engine. The goal is to accurately recreate the Nintendo 64 Goldeneye experience on the Source Engine.

    The weapons included in Goldeneye: Source are the same ones included in the Nintendo 64 version of the game. They will be coded so they accurately represent the original counterparts.

    The plan is to include all of the original gameplay modes in Goldeneye: Source, plus a few new ones. Deathmatch will remain as the main mode of gameplay.

    So if you’ve got a copy of HalfLife 2 lying around, pop along on to and pick yourself up this great mod.