1. Next EA Game Is 'Casino Royale'

    By Evan Willnow on 2005-12-15

    CBn has confirmed that the next James Bond video game from EA will be Casino Royale, based on the upcoming 21st Bond film which sees the début of Daniel Craig as 007. The game is planned to be released in conjunction with the movie in November 2006.

    EA’s Casino Royale will feature a likeness of Craig as Bond and, per Eon’s requirements, will follow the plotline of the movie very closely.

    CBn has not been able to confirm reports by gaming site that the game has been put on hold.

    Meanwhile, EA’s From Russia With Love, which saw the return of Sean Connery as 007, has experienced disappointing sales in the US and UK. The game is currently number 20 on the UK charts while in the US it has failed to chart in the top 20 at all.