1. 'Blood Fever' Released 1 June '06 in the U.S.

    By Devin Zydel on 2005-12-07
    Prototype U.S. 'Blood Fever' cover art

    Prototype U.S. ‘Blood Fever’ cover art

    Charlie Higson’s second Young Bond novel, Blood Fever finally has a release date in the U.S.: 1 June 2006. There is not a better time to pre-order, as the book is discounted 30% to $11.53. In Blood Fever, Young Bond will travel to Sardinia, where he becomes engaged in a plot of art theft, bandits, pirates, a powerful villain and more.

    Additionally, Charlie Higson’s first Young Bond novel, SilverFin, will be released in paperback format in the U.S. on 1 April. The price is $6.99.

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    Pre-order the U.S. hardcover edition of Blood Fever from (1 June 2006)

    Pre-order the UK paperback edition of Blood Fever from (5 January, 2006)

    Pre-order the U.S. paperback edition of SilverFin from (1 April 2006)