1. 'From Russia with Love' Released Today

    By Athena Stamos on 2005-11-01
    From Russia with Love James Bond and Tatiana Romanova

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    Level 11: Train

    Level 13: Border

    From Russia with Love fight between Red Grant and James Bond

    This November 01, 2005 sees the US release of EA‘s new James Bond game, From Russia with Love, on the XBOX and PlayStation 2 platforms.

    Unfortunately the Nintendo GameCube version has been delayed until November 15. But that’s not too long of a wait considering those in the UK have to wait until 18 November for the games’ release.

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    To celebrate the games release EA gives us a peek at Level 11: Train and Level 13: Border.

    Level 11: James Bond, Tatiana Romanova, Kerim Bey along with the Lektor device hop aboard the Orient Express as they flee Istanbul where OCTOPUS was over powering them. While on the train Kerim Bey gets shot and a fight between Red Grant and James Bond breaks out in the dining car. This level follows the movie closely with a few twist and turns.

    Level 13: This is the second/third longest level in the game. James Bond and Tatiana, still in possession of the Lektor device, attempt to get to Venice safely. They travel in the Aston Martin DB5 and battle it out on foot to reach the boathouse where they commandeer a boat. There is a very long boat chase before they reach Italy. Tatiana is at the helm with 007 on the gun fighting against OCTOPUS.

    CBn has previously been provided with exclusive screenshots from Level 1: London, Level 2: Hedgemaze, Level 3: Istanbul, Level 6: Gypsy Camp and Level 7: Sniper. As well as a Who’s Who of FRWL photo album.