1. The CBn Dossier, October '05

    By Devin Zydel on 2005-10-31

    Devin Zydel

    Welcome to the October 2005 CBn Dossier, a wrap-up of all the 007 news and rumours for the month. In this month’s column, we’ll be examining the constant news coming in on 2006’s Casino Royale, the many literary James Bond releases including James Bond: The Man and His World and The Moneypenny Diaries, the upcoming release of From Russia With Love and much, much more.

    This month’s CBn Dossier will be delivered by Devin Zydel.


    Blond? BLOND?!?

    The two words that are immediately popping to mind must be Daniel Craig. I must point out to all readers: be sure to check out–if you haven’t already–the CBn Special Edition Dossier, which gives complete coverage of the announcement of Craig as James Bond 007, plus the press conference, fan reactions, new information, and more.

    A Blond Bond?! Nonetheless, the numbers speak the truth. Contrary to what numerous articles from various news reporting sites are putting across, there actually are fans out there excited about the prospect of Daniel Craig as James Bond. As pointed out in a recent CBn poll conducted two weeks after the big announcement, over 60% of fans approve of him as James Bond. 21% are willing to wait it out and see, while 18% disapprove. Everyone who has not voted yet is encouraged to do so.

    With the announcement of Craig now slowly settling down, rumours are now shifting to another integral role in shaping Casino Royale, the role of Bond girl, Vesper Lynd. Director Martin Campbell recently spoke to USAToday on the upcoming casting of one of Ian Fleming’s most memorable characters.

    “[Vesper]’s the one who forges him into the Bond that we all know and love,” Campbell said. “He certainly falls in love with her, and it does change him forever. It’s a genuinely deeper relationship. The film deals much more on a personal level with Bond.”

    No dates have been set for this announcement, but it is expected to be soon.

    Additionally, Martin Campbell has told fans and critics to “wait until the movie” before signing off the series. Comparing this recent outcry to the one that occurred when he directed Pierce Brosnan’s entrance to the world of Bond, GoldenEye, Campbell tells how they were proved wrong and the series continued on very successfully. Samantha Bond has also added in her support.

    It has been reported that the town of Karlovy Vary will feature in Casino Royale. This will be the first time that a 007 movie will be filmed in the Czech Republic. It is not yet confirmed if this location will actually be the casino.

    And just to tease you…SPOILERS ahead!

    Bond, Bond, and more Bond

    What a time to be a fan of the literary Bond. Starting off the month was the release of the Limited Collector’s Edition of SilverFin. With a print run of only 999 signed copies, the book was quickly coveted by fans. There are still several available on eBay, but with much higher price tags than the £25.00 list price. Keeping in line with Young Bond, CBn has learned the first details of the untitled third novel in the series by Charlie Higson. Set in London and featuring Bond against Russian spies, the book currently has a January 2007 release date.

    The next major event was the release of the mysterious book, The Moneypenny Diaries. The details of the book to feature both Miss Moneypenny and James Bond can be found here. CBn was honoured to be the first James Bond website to interview the author of the book, Samantha Weinberg, aka Kate Westbrook. Being the first in a planned trilogy, The Moneypenny Diaries is a must.

    24 October saw the release of the highly anticipated book covering the literary 007, James Bond: The Man and His World by Henry Chancellor. This book is a welcomed addition to the collection of Bond fans who haven’t seen another major IFP release of it’s kind since Raymond Benson’s “Bedside” companion in 1984. Be sure to read the CBn review of The Man and His World.

    If that wasn’t enough, there was the announcement of the first issue of the new magazine, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, as well as the release of ‘OO7’ Magazine #47. Barry Parker’s Death Rays, Jet Packs, Stunts, and Supercars: The Fantastic Physics of Film’s Most Celebrated Secret Agent, also saw release this month.

    From Russia With Love

    With the release of the highly anticipated videogame, From Russia With Love nearing, fans on CBn were treated to sneak peaks at the classic gypsy girlfight as well as others featured in the the sniper level.

    From Russia With Love is set to be released on 1 November for XBox and Playstation gamers in the US, but Nintendo Gamecube players will unfortunately have to wait until the 15th. The game will be released on all three platforms on 18 November in the UK. It is shaping up to be a hit!

    Pre-order ‘From Russia With Love’

    CBn – Bond At Its Best

    CBn wishes a happy birthday to Sir Roger Moore, who celebrated his 78th on 14 October 2005.

    Be sure to read the review of this year’s Bond Collectors Weekend, which was set in New York and attended by several CBn members. The CBn Blades Reading Club starting reading Ian Fleming’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service this month. If you’re not yet a member, simply add your name on the forums in the sign-up thread.

    Finally, the CBn Forums reached 5000 members in October. With over 450,000 posts and endless discussion topics, there has never been a better time to join in on the fun. Registration is free and only takes a minute. It’s safe to say that as Bond fans, we have alot to look forward to. As always, stay tuned to CBn for daily coverage of all things James Bond.

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