1. 'From Russia with Love' Level 7 Screenshots

    By Athena Stamos on 2005-10-03
    From Russia with Love Level 7

    From Russia with Love Level 7

    From Russia with Love Level 7

    Last week we took a look at the cast of characters of From Russia with Love. While this week we have three more CBn-exclusive From Russia With Love screenshots for you.

    EA has previously provided us with screenshots from Level 1: London, Level 2: Hedgemaze and Level 3: Istanbul. This time we have some shots from Level 7: The Sniper Level.

    To backtrack a little, in Level 6 (Gypsy Camp) Krilencu, the Russian spy, had nearly succeeded in assassinating Kerim Bey. So Kerim decided that he must kill Krilencu before Krilencu killed him. This leads us to Level 7 (The Sniper Level).

    Level 7: Kerim Bey teams up with James Bond to eliminate Krilencu. Both Kerim and Agent 007 must battle through the alleyways and buildings of Istanbul to get to Krilencu. James Bond ends up on the rooftop of a building adjacent to Kerim Bey. 007 must using a sniper rifle to protect Kerim who is being attacked by an onslaught of enemies.

    WARNING: The Following Paragraph is a SPOILER

    As it turns out Krilencu grabs Kerim Bey and holds him at gun point. It’s Bond’s job to snipe Krilencu through a hotel window which is covered by a billboard size poster advertising the Bob Hope and Anita Ekberg movie, Call Me Bwana.

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