1. Who's Who: From Russia With Love

    By Athena Stamos on 2005-09-27
    From Russia with Love Eva

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    From Russia with Love Rosa Klebb

    From Russia with Love Moneypenny

    From Russia with Love Q

    EA has provided us with a look at the who’s who cast of characters from their new James Bond video game, From Russia With Love.

    Start saving your money or ask Santa for the game for Christmas as it’s due out out in stores this November 1st (US) and November 18 (UK).

    The Bond Girls

    • Eva (Maria Menounos):A member of OCTOPUS who assists Red Grant as his driver and henchwoman.
    • Elizabeth Stark (Natasha Bedingfield): The Prime Minister of England’s daughter who is kidnapped during a party.
    • Tatiana Romanova: A Russian cipher clerk who was unsuspecting pulled into the OCTOPUS plan against James Bond.

    The Villains:

    • Red Grant: A cunning, dangerous, and brutal antagonist. He lives a very simple life under orders from OCTOPUS.
    • Rosa Klebb: A top member of OCTOPUS. She?s diminutive, but extremely lethal and has little regard for others.

    007 and His Allies:

    • James Bond (Sean Connery): The man himself, Agent 007. With a licence to kill he’s ready for anything.
    • Kerim Bey: A joyful ally who assists Bond in Istanbul with the killing of Krilencu.
    • M: The head MI6 and James Bond’s tough and resourceful boss.
    • Moneypenny: The flirtatious secretary of M who always tries to win over James Bond.
    • Q: The gadget man who provides James Bond with all his weapons, cars and gadgets.

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