1. IFP Shoots Down "Unsubstantiated Rumours"

    By johncox on 2005-09-12

    While readers of CBn were not fooled by the recent flood of reports that Daniel Radcliffe was being considered for the role of James Bond in a Young Bond film, Ian Fleming Publications Ltd (IFPL) has issued a statement via their official website shooting down these rumours, along with the rumours that any author has yet been approached for the new 2008 Centenary Bond novel.

    12/09/05 – Counter-intelligence
    Miss Moneypenny has detected a number of unsubstantiated rumours originating from unofficial intelligence sources regarding IFPL projects so she’s taking this opportunity to clarify a few matters for all our agents:

    Young Bond film: without meaning to disparage Mr Radcliffe or Mr Bell, IFPL is not currently discussing the film rights in its Young Bond property with anybody. Official news on major Young Bond developments will be announced here or through our sister website

    New James Bond novel: IFPL is in the early stages of planning its Ian Fleming Centenary activities. We are considering commissioning an author to create a new Bond novel. We have not to date approached anybody in respect of this project.

    Oh if only Eon were as enthusiastic about rumour control…

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