1. U.S. to Catch 'Blood Fever' in Spring 2006

    By johncox on 2005-09-09

    Despite limited promotion and lackluster U.S. sales of Young Bond Book 1, SilverFin, CBn has confirmed that Miramax/Hyperion will be publishing Charlie Higson’s second Young Bond novel, Blood Fever, in Spring 2006. As with SilverFin, Blood Fever will be published as a hardcover in the U.S.

    Blood Fever

    Blood Fever UK edition

    Disney owned Miramax/Hyperion bought the rights to the first two Young Bond novels with great media fanfare last year. However, U.S. Bond fans have complained that the Miramax/Hyperion SilverFin is hard to find in bookstores. The promised large in-store displays never materialized and typically only a handful of copies are relegated to the Young Adult or Teen sections. The story is just the opposite in the UK where Puffin Books has helped make SilverFin a runaway bestseller.

    But hearing that Miramax/Hyperion is sticking with the Young Bond series is promising. The publisher recently ran a full page advertisement for SilverFin in the prestigious New York Times Book Review to boost sales. Here’s hoping some of that Disney marketing muscle will be flexed in the promotion of Blood Fever.

    Blood Fever sees young James Bond traveling to Sardinia during his school break where he becomes embroiled in a plot involving art theft, smuggling, pirates, and a mad Italian count bent on restoring the Holy Roman Empire. In Blood Fever James will learn to snorkel and skin dive, and will endure what author Higson calls “a nasty torture scene.”

    Keep watching CBn for the latest news on Blood Fever and the Young Bond series.

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