1. 'Blood Fever' Set to Spread Like Wildfire

    By Matt Weston on 2005-09-02

    You caught the bug with SilverFin.
    Now feel the Fever

    – UK proof tagline

    In January 2006, Young Bond will return… and odds are, everyone in the UK will know about it.

    Blood Fever proof

    ‘Blood Fever’ proof

    Proof copies of Charlie Higson’s next novel, Blood Fever, have begun to circulate, revealing details of a huge marketing push behind the second Young Bond adventure.

    Fans can look forward to an epic £120,000 marketing campaign to promote the new novel. In what is a first for the literary James Bond, a “high-impact” television advertising campaign will play a role in the promotion of Blood Fever.

    In addition, an all-new Young Bond mobile phone game will be released to coincide with the launch of the book. Charlie Higson will also appear at festivals and events across the UK to promote Blood Fever.

    Sales of Higson’s first Young Bond novel, SilverFin, which the Blood Fever proof’s blurb puts at 120,000 and counting, were boosted by a £50,000 advertising blitz throughout the UK earlier this year.

    Blood Fever sees Young Bond off to Sardinia, where he crosses paths with a mad Italian count bent on restoring the Holy Roman Empire.

    As with SilverFin, Blood Fever will only be released in the UK as a paperback. The new book will hit shelves in the UK on 5 January, 2006.

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