1. What's going on?

    By David Winter on 2001-03-13

    You have all probably noticed that has had some recent problems.

    All of our latest news was deleted accidently, and we have not been successful in getting it back. So we have had to re-find all of the James Bond news by using Yahoo!

    If you have, by any chance, saved our news or know where we can find it please feel free to e-mail us! We really need your help on this one!

    However, we can now inform you that is now again operating normally, with the exception of all the old news from the 7th of February up to now. From the 7/2/01, we have just copied the news from Reuters.

    We apologise for all our regular visitors, as we know that we have let you down. We can guarentee it won’t happen again as we’re bringing in new measures of protection.

    PS. On this March the 13th, 2001 Happy 18th Birthday to Daniel ‘Blue Eyes’ Dykes!