1. U.S. 'SilverFin' Audiobook Coming Next Year

    By johncox on 2005-08-23

    A U.S. audiobook edition of SilverFin, the first Young Bond novel by Charlie Higson, will be released by Listening Library in March 2006. Listening Library is the audiobook division of publishing giant Random House. The list price is $30.00.

    SilverFin audio book

    UK SilverFin audiobook

    A SilverFin audiobook read by author Charlie Higson has already been released in the UK by Puffin Books. While it could be assumed the same recording will be used for the Listening Library edition, there are differences in the U.S. text which may necessitate a new recording or at least a new edit.

    Random House releasing the SilverFin audio book raises some interesting speculation about the future of Young Bond series in the U.S. Miramax/Hyperion bought the publishing rights to the first two Young James Bond novels last year, yet their promotion of SilverFin has been somewhat lackluster and they’ve yet to announce a SilverFin paperback nor a U.S. edition of Young Bond Book 2, Blood Fever.

    Could it be Random House will take over publication of the Young Bond series in the U.S.A?

    Pre-order the U.S. SilverFin audio book. (March 2006)

    Purchase the UK SilverFin audio book

    Pre-order Blood Fever at

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