1. 'Blood Fever' Proof Spotted on eBay

    By johncox on 2005-08-23

    An Uncorrected Proof copy of Blood Fever, the second Young James Bond novel by Charlie Higson, has been spotted on eBay some five months before the book is due to be published.

    Blood Fever

    Blood Fever proof on eBay

    Uncorrected Proofs or Advance Reading Copies (ARC) are sent to libraries, bookstores, and media outlets in advance of publication to spur interest in a title. Proofs are not available to the general public, and sometimes contain differences from the final book. It is not legal to sell proofs, but that doesn’t seem to stop most booksellers.

    Because of their limited numbers and appeal to collectors, proofs typically sell for a much higher price than their retail counterparts.

    Uncorrected Proof copies of both the UK and U.S. editions of SilverFin also found their way onto eBay well in advance of publication. The U.S. SilverFin proof featured cover art radically different from what was ultimately used.

    Blood Fever is due to be published January 5, 2006 by Puffin Books in the UK.

    New plot details:

    A listing for the Blood Fever audiobook on the German Amazon website has revealed some new, choice plot details. According to their new synopsis the novel’s “essential components” are: “a Mediterranean mystery, one kidnapped girl – feisty, blond, superfit Amy Goodenough, sister of James’ best friend Mark, one villainous pirate – Zoltan Magyr, mysterious Latin-speaking men lurking near Eton, and one fast car.”

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