1. 'From Russia With Love' Level 3 Screenshots

    By Athena Stamos on 2005-08-19
    From Russia with Love Aston Martin Istanbul

    Visit CBn’s FRWL Gallery to view all of the Istanbul screneshots:

    EA has once again provided us with CBn-exclusive From Russia With Love screenshots. They have previously provided us with shots from Level 1: The London Level and Level 2: Hedgemaze.

    Today we’ll take a look at one of the blockbuster missions in the game, Level 3: Istanbul.

    Istanbul: This is From Russia With Love‘s first driving level which follows and expands upon the movie. Your mission is to transport Kerim Bay safely to Station T. So this level will start out with James Bond (you) meeting Kerim Bay at the airport . Then you’ll speed off through the countryside in your Aston Martin DB5 and eventually end up in the city. You’ll hop out of the Aston and finish the level on foot with guns and gadgets.

    Because From Russia With Love will be running off an all new game engine, this level has fully fully integrated driving. You will actually be able to get out of the Aston Martin and proceed on foot without encountering load screens in the game, yay!

    Natasha Bedingfield as Elizabeth Stark just rescued by James Bond

    Natasha Bedingfield as Elizabeth Stark just rescued by James Bond

    CBn learned at E3 that there would be two present day Bond Girls in the game. Now if you haven’t been paying attention both of those girls have been announced: Maria Menounos as Eva and Natasha Bedingfield as Elizabeth Stark.

    Elizabeth Stark is the daughter of the British Prime Minister in From Russia With Love. She shows up in Level 1 when 007 flies through a fiery falling helicopter in his jetpack to rescue her. I’ve been wanting to share this screen shot with you all ever since I played the London Level demo at E3 because as the action sequence leading up to this actual shot is fantastic! I finally got my hands on a clear version of the shot… enjoy.

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