1. 'Oh good morning, Q… how have you been?'

    By Matt Weston on 2005-08-02
    A CBn-exclusive screenshot: Sean Connery as James Bond

    A CBn-exclusive screenshot: Sean Connery as James Bond

    When Sean Connery broke the fourth wall by winking to audiences in the final shot of his last James Bond film, Never Say Never Again, 007 fans felt the actor had finally closed the book on the character that made him famous. Now, following the shock announcement Connery would lend his voice and likeness (circa 1963) to EA’s new Bond game, From Russia With Love, fans can hear the 74-year-old actor utter brand new dialogue in the role of Agent 007. has published an all-new video (Q’s gadgets) revealing Connery’s first line of dialogue as James Bond in over 22 years. The video features James Bond being briefed by Desmond Llewellyn’s Q (voiced here by another actor).

    Q: “Good morning, 007.”
    JAMES BOND: “Oh good morning, Q… how have you been? Busy inventing things?”
    Q: “Not as busy as you’ve been destroying them.”

    – ‘From Russia With Love’

    Astute Bond fans will note that Connery’s voice has changed over the course of his post-Bond career (perhaps most notable is his trademark “S” pronunciation, which is much more accentuated than in his 60s Bond days). Nonetheless, the voice is unmistakable, and even if the game fails to make an impact (which, looking at impressive early footage appears very hard to believe), Connery’s presence will no doubt give gamers – and in particular, Bond fans – reason enough to pick up From Russia With Love.

    In related news, media outlets the world over have picked up on a story with its roots in a New Zealand paper (relayed through Scotland on Sunday), in which Connery once again reiterated he has no intentions to star in another film (his last picture was The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). Scotland on Sunday reports that Connery was rumoured to have been paid $1 million just for his voiceover work on From Russia With Love, coincidentally, the same amount he was paid in his then-record salary for Diamonds Are Forever.

    Stay tuned to CBn for all the latest on From Russia With Love and Connery’s return to the role of James Bond.

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