1. 'Blood Fever' U.S. Hardcover Available for Pre-Order

    By johncox on 2005-11-03

    The U.S. edition of Charlie Higson’s second Young Bond novel, Blood Fever, is now available for pre-order at The release date currently shows as May 2006. Price is $16.95.

    Blood Fever

    Blood Fever UK edition

    As with SilverFin, the U.S. edition of Blood Fever will be a hardcover.

    Blood Fever sees young James Bond traveling to Sardinia during his school break where he becomes embroiled in a plot involving art theft, smuggling, pirates, and a mad Italian count bent on restoring the Holy Roman Empire. In Blood Fever James will learn to snorkel and skin dive, and will endure what author Higson calls “a nasty torture scene.”

    Blood Fever is the second book in Charlie Higson’s bestselling Young Bond series. Book 1, SilverFin, was released this year. CBn recently revealed the first details of Young Bond Book 3 which is set for release in January 2007.

    Pre-order the U.S. hardcover edition of Blood Fever from (May 2006)

    Pre-order the UK paperback edition of Blood Fever from (January 5, 2006)

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