1. See the Stars of 'SilverFin'

    By Matt Weston on 2005-07-29

    Ever wondered what the characters from SilverFin look like? Ian Fleming Publications (IFP) have crafted a series of character portraits based on Charlie Higson’s SilverFin creations, depicting the stars of the bestselling Young Bond novel for the first time.

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    Released on, the images show ten characters from Higson’s SilverFin, including Wilder Lawless, Uncle Max, Lord Hellebore and, of course, James Bond. The artwork features a unique style that is both reminiscent of period comic art and also strikingly modern.

    Young Bond fans will recall the first image of James was revealed in April, along with the news that IFP plan to expand the Young Bond franchise with a series of graphic novels (the first of which is reportedly due out in late 2006).

    The images have been crafted by Kev Walker, best known for his work on the Judge Dread comics. It is not yet known if the proposed Young Bond graphic novels will be based on Higson’s novels or if they will all-new adventures set in the Young Bond universe.

    I was really pleased that we managed to get an artist as good as Kev Walker to imagine [Young Bond] for me,” Higson said at the time of the first image’s release. “Kev’s also done a fantastic job of making the thirties look cool and exciting for a modern audience. Young Bond and his world have really come alive.

    To view the entire series, click here. The character portraits are also available from as a series of desktop wallpapers.

    For all the latest on the Young Bond franchise – including the next novel in the series, Blood Fever – keep watching CBn.

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