1. The CBn Dossier, July '05

    By Tim Roth on 2005-07-31

    Tim Roth

    Welcome to the July 2005 CBn Dossier, a wrap-up of all the 007 news and rumours for the month (and if you read carefully, a scoop or two). In this month’s column, we investigate the looming announcement of James Bond #6, Charlie Higson’s second Young Bond novel, “Blood Fever”, the mysterious “Moneypenny Diaries”, CBn’s little bit to help out Lana “Plenty O’Toole” Wood and more.

    Today, CBn’s Tim Roth delivers this month’s CBn Dossier.


    Casino Royale

    In last month’s dossier, my good friend Heiko wrote: “All quiet on the Casino Royale front” and asked: “A calm before the storm?” He should be proved right. July brought a hell of a lot of Casino Royale news. It all started with CBn speculating that Casino Royale could be a “One Location Bond”, a sort of Bond movie that we haven’t had in a while. The possibility is suggested by the news that all exteriors and location work will be done in South Africa, with filming in Prague confined to studio soundstage work. Let’s hope that Phil Meheux will capture some great shots of the great, diversified African landscape. Yup, you heard it right: Phil Meheux, who already worked together with Martin Campbell on GoldenEye, is locked in as Casino Royale’s director of photography.

    CBn also got word that high-profile editor Stuart Baird is a favourite of director Martin Campbell and may board James Bond’s latest adventure. With all the recent confirmation, Eon and Campbell appear to be assembling an impressive A-list crew for Casino Royale.

    According to an article in the “International Herald-Tribune”, the Fiat Panda will have a cameo in the latest James Bond movie. But don’t worry – it’s already been confirmed that Bond’s going to drive an Aston Martin again (the V8 Vantage). As the Panda seems to be a rover vehicle it is very possible that he will be seen in some South Africa savannah. A picture of the Panda can be found in our report.

    About 10 days ago, British paper “The Telegraph” surprised us with the information that “the list has been whittled down to four.” The list of potential successors of Pierce Brosnan, that is. The report became even more explosive when CBn learned that Martin Campbell had flown over to London for a duration of two weeks. Final castings? Preparations for a press conference? We don’t know— yet.

    Henry Cavill

    Henry Cavill

    Only four days later, “The Sunday Mirror” was friendly enough to reveal who they think are the contenders: Goran Visnjic (32), Henry Cavill (22), Alex O’Lachlan (28), as well as Ewan Stewart (47). Although this was a report by a tabloid, there may be some truth in it. Back in May CBn shook Bond fans with a report that Eon was considering some very young actors for the role, including one “hot contender” who was only 22. Well, guess who that 22-year old was? Yep, Henry Cavill. So, what to make out of the report? Are the names of the four contenders for real or is it all a big smokescreen? CBn has received word from one of our regular sources that an official announcement is imminent…


    Young Bond Book Number 2, which previously went under the working title “Double M”, got a final title and a cover this month. “Blood Fever”, as it is now called, will involve, in Charlie Higson’s words, “pirates, bandits, art thieves and a shoot-out in a cave; everything you could want from a James Bond book.” The story will be set in Sardina, Italy, where Young Bond spends his holidays.

    Additionally, information about a lot of other literary works in connection with James Bond have emerged this month. For example, Raymond Benson’s novelisation of The World Is Not Enough, originally published in 1999, has just been released in a large print edition by Ulverscroft Large Print.

    Meanwhile, another book Raymond Benson was the precursor of, got attention. “James Bond: The Man and His World“ is the first major work on the literary Bond since Raymond Benson’s “The James Bond Bedside Companion” in the mid-eighties. CBn was able to get a terrific first look at the cover art and publishers notes. Written by Henry Chancellor, the blurb promises:

    No book has used the Fleming archive to explore the three-dimensional world of this quintessential secret agent, revealing what inspired it, and who inspired him. Complete, authoritative and entertaining, it will take you on a journey through myth and reality, from Moscow to Mayfair, the bedroom to the war-room, the casino to the villain’s lair.

    Available from 24 October 2005.

    By the way, Raymond Benson’s 3rd original Bond novel, “High Time To Kill”, is to be published in Japan in fall. Well… Raymond Benson… there was another thing this month… Right! Former Bond novel author Raymond Benson gave CBn an exclusive report about the “007 The Man With The Red Tattoo Museum”, located in Naoshima, Japan. Click here to read this extraordinary piece of work and view Raymond’s Japan image gallery!

    Also, with the help of “Bond and Beyond”, CBn was able to shed some light onto another, formerly mysterious new book.

    Called “The Moneypenny Diaries”, Ian Fleming Publications, who control the rights on the literary James Bond, denied knowing anything about the book. Written by Kate Westbrook, the publishers notes say: “‘My heart breaks for James…’ – so begins the explosive, true, private diary of Miss Jane Moneypenny, Personal Secretary to Secret Service chief M and colleague and confidante of James Bond.“ But could a book like this really be published without the knowledge of IFP? Is IFP just playing coy, or is this literary equivalent of Never Say Never Again? This is going to be one to watch.

    Our regular series “Looking Back…” this month featured John Gardner’s novels “Brokenclaw” and “The Man from Barbarossa”.

    CBn could also unveil some new information on a book called “Spies, Vixens & Masters of Kung Fu”, a work that will feature a section devoted to Paul Gulacy’s work on the 1992 graphic novel, “Serpent’s Tooth”, which saw 007 traveling to the jungles of Peru to stop a madman from creating a series of deadly tsunamis…

    All things CBn…

    The month started with CBn announcing the first James Bond, 007 Podcast. For the first time ever, the monthly CBn Dossier, a round-up of everything James Bond, can now be listed to on your iPod and subscribed to. How the Podcast works can be read here.

    Congrats to CBn Member “K1Bond007”, who was the lucky winner of a rare “SilverFin” promotional poster that CBn gave away at the beginning of July. Then Under the raunchy title of “Win ‘Pussy Galore’” (I, in fact, opted for “Win a free Pussy” 😉 ), CBn member “North Scorpion” won the 12″ figure from Sideshow Collectibles. Congratulations to you and have fun with the Pussy ( – Galore, that is).

    We were also able to add another great interview to our “CBn Interview” section; this time with ‘OO7 Magazine’ publisher Graham Rye. He is the former president of the James Bond International Fan Club, but his life has been dominated by James Bond for at least two decades. Click for Part I and Part II. In combination with this, CBn was also able to bring you an exclusive peek inside the ‘OO7’ Magazine design studio and a first look at the new issue.

    Finally big congratulations to CBn itself, to everyone in the Team, to all the forum members and loyal readers of the world’s greatest James Bond website (Yes, I know, self-praise stinks, but don’t take it amiss 🙂 ). CBn this month celebrated its 5th birthday! How everything started and how the site developed – who could be a better story teller than the Admiral himself? Cheers on everyone and especially Dave, here is the ultimate CBn history!

    Good works

    Lana Wood

    Lana Wood

    This month, CBn in collaboration with Doctor Shatterhands Botanical Garden helped to promote an auction for Lana Wood’s daughter Ev. The auction winner, Paul Wynn (London, UK) is now in possession of a 1958 Diamonds Are Forever PAN paperback and the original Diamonds Are Forever soundtrack both signed by Lana Wood. Lana will be sending him a candid photo of her and her family as well. After the auction we accepted additional donations, thank you to everyone who donated additional money for Lana Wood’s daughter: Charlie Axworthy, Chris Wright, Paul Wynn, Rodney Richey and an annoymous CBn member who matched the winning bid. A total of $1,007 (wink wink 007, yes we did this on purpose) is being given to Lana this weekend at the Hollywood Collector’s Show in Burbank, CA.

    Other items from Diamonds Are Forever and other Bond movies were up for auction in the Radison SAS hotel at London Stansted Airport on July 8, 2005. The auction raised over £6000 for “InterAct”, an Essex based charity which enables local people with mental health problems and learning disabilities to transform their lives.

    The ‘007 Scene It?’ Test Drive

    A group of 12 Bond fans in Los Angeles got together with John Cork and Bruce Scivally (who wrote the trivia card questions) for a night of 007 fun. The goal of the evening was to test drive Screenlife’s game, “Scene It? James Bond Edition.” Those in attendance ranged from hardcore Bond Fanatics to people who just came for the free food and booze. It sounds like it was an amazing evening, Athena’s story on this can be read here.


    CBn stopped by the Sideshow Collectibles booth at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con for a looksee at their latest Bond offerings. While there were no Bond surprises at this year’s con (Sideshow’s BIG news was the announcement of the license to produce 12-inch Star Wars figures), we did get a close up look at the prototype for Moonraker Moore (due out in the 3rd quarter 2005). Sideshow’s Production Coordinator, Scott Klauder, told us that we could expect more 1/4 scale Premium Bond figures with an announcement coming in the next few months. We can also expect news of a new 12-inch figure soon. See this report!

    Bond Collectors Weekend 8 – New York

    There are a couple spots left for the Bond Collectors Weekend August 25-28 in New York City. For more information visit this article and make sure to contact Matt Sherman ASAP to make your reservations (1-352-373-1992 or [email protected])

    Obituaries – Hubert Fröhlich

    On Friday, July 22nd, Hubert Fröhlich died in Herrsching near Munich, Germany. He worked as a production manager on On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and was the one, who actually found the Schilthorn mountain in Switzerland as a location. Fröhlich was responsible for a lot of the organization and the workers. Having had a secondary residence near Mürren, Fröhlich was known for being a great guide for every Bond fan interested in the locales and tales of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.. Fröhlich was good friends with Cubby Broccoli, John Glen and Peter Lamont.

    He leaves behind his longtime companion in life and his beloved dog.

    You read it on CBn first…

    Martin Campbell will be returning to Los Angeles this week (1st week of August) to continue work on The Legend of Zorro. Does this mean a decision has been made on Bond #6?

    Until next time…
    Yarbo…. ehm, Tim

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