1. Before He was Bond, He was…

    By Athena Stamos on 2005-07-25

    Experience The Action & Romance Of This Charming Battle Of The Sexes
    When The Four-Disc DVD Set Debuts On Tuesday, July 26th
    From Fox Home Entertainment

    Before Pierce Brosnan was issued his license to kill as the world’s most famous secret agent James Bond, he was the great detective Remington Steele, an impossibly handsome con artist and fictional front-man for Remington Steele Investigations.

    Remington Steele DVD front

    Debuting on DVD July 26, 2005 from Fox Home Entertainment, Remington Steele Season One combines humor and intrigue as Steele solves mysteries while clashing with his beautiful boss, Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist), in a sizzling battle of the sexes that has them fighting each other as vehemently as they fight crime.

    In the early 90’s I used to stay up till midnight to watch reruns of Remington Steele. I always found the episodes smart and engaging—that hasn’t changed. Not only is this dvd set great to have around for viewing whenever one wishes, but the featurettes are fabulous in content.

    There are numerous times throughout this series where Brosnan is more like James Bond than he is in his later 007 films. So if you enjoy Pierce Brosnan and/or GoldenEye, I definitely recommended this DVD box set.

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    Visit CBn’s Remington Steele Image Gallery where you can check out images of the box art (notice that the DVD concept art included both Brosnan’s and Zimbalist’s names whereas the final product only contains Brosnan’s) and screen captures of the DVD menus.

    The DVD Collection:

    Remington Steele DVD back

    Not currently airing anywhere in syndication, The Remington Steele Season One DVD Collection includes four-discs with all 22 episodes of this exciting debut season. This DVD gift set is complete with select episode commentary by series creators Michael Gleason, Robert Butler and writer Susan Baskin.

    Additional Special Features which were made for this DVD set are three behind-the-scenes videos which feature many of the cast and crew, including Pierce Brosnan.

    The series is presented in 1:33:1 aspect ratio on four dual-layered discs with English Dolby Surround sound and English and Spanish subtitles. Fox has packaged this four disc set using double-slim cases so they whole box set is the size of a keepcase. U.S. Rating: NR. Total Run Time: 1078 minutes. Closed Captioned.


    When Laura Holt, a beautiful young private detective, begins her own business—‘Laura Holt Investigations’—she soon discovers that no one was willing to hire a female detective. In an attempt to attract clients, Laura creates a mythical boss named Remington Steele and renames her company ‘Remington Steele Investigations.’ During one of her cases, a mysterious thief appears and cons Laura into making him her partner, the mysterious Remington Steele. Eventually, his skills prove to be useful and he too learns to be an investigator.

    Disc 1 – Side 1

    • License To Steele (Original Airdate: 10/1/1982)
      – commentary w/ Series Creators Michael Gleason & Robert Butler.
    • Tempered Steele (Original Airdate: 10/8/1982)
      – commentary w/ Series Creators Michael Gleason & Robert Butler.
    • Steele Waters Run Deep (Original Airdate: 10/22/1982)
    • Signed, Steeled And Delivered (Original Airdate: 10/29/1982)

    Disc 1 – Side 2

    • Thou Shalt Not Steele (Original Airdate: 11/5/1982)
    • Steele Belted (Original Airdate: 11/12/1982)
    • “Making-Of” Season One Featurette

    Disc 2 – Side 1

    • Etched in Steele (Original Airdate: 11/19/1982)
    • You’re Steele The One For Me (Original Airdate: 11/26/1982)
    • In The Steele Of The Night (Original Airdate: 12/3/1982)
    • Steele Trap (Original Airdate: 12/10/1982)

    Disc 2 – Side 2

    • Steeling The Show (Original Airdate: 1/7/1983)
    • Steele Flying High (Original Airdate: 1/14/1982)
    • Remington And Laura, Bernice & Murphy Featurette
      – looking at the relationships between the characters.

    Disc 3 – Side 1

    • A Good Night?s Steele (Original Airdate: 1/21/1983)
    • Hearts Of Steele (Original Airdate: 1/28/1983)
    • To Stop A Steele (Original Airdate: 2/11/1983)
    • Steele Crazy After All These Years (Original Airdate: 2/18/1983)

    Disc 3 – Side 2

    • Steele Among The Living (Original Airdate: 2/25/1983)
    • Steele In The News (Original Airdate: 3/4/1983)
    • Comedy & Old Movies Featurettes
      – comedic moments, and old movie references.

    Disc 4 – Side 1

    • Vintage Steele (Original Airdate: 3/15/1983)
      – commentary w/ Series Creator Michael Gleason & writer Susan Baskin.
    • Steele’s Gold (Original Airdate: 3/22/1983)

    Disc 4 – Side 2

    • Sting Of Steele (Original Airdate: 4/5/1983)
    • Steele In Circulation (Original Airdate: 4/12/1983)