1. Sideshow Collectibles at Comic-Con 2005

    By David Winter on 2005-07-21
    The Sideshow Booth

    The Sideshow Booth

    CBn stopped by the Sideshow Collectibles booth at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con for a looksee at their latest Bond offerings. While there were no Bond surprises at this year’s con (Sideshow’s BIG news was the announcement of the license to produce 12-inch Star Wars figures), we did get a close up look at the prototype for Moonraker Moore (due out in the 3rd quarter 2005).

    Moonraker Moore

    Moonraker Moore Close Up

    CBn will do a full review of Moonraker Moore when it’s released, but from the looks of the prototype, it’s clear this latest offering from Sideshow is… out of this world.

    Moonraker Moore will be the third Roger Moore figure Sideshow has produced (Live and Let Die and The Man With The Golden Gun being the others). Sideshow’s Production Coordinator, Scott Klauder, was able to confirm for us that the Moonraker Moore head sculpt by Oluf Hartvigson is a new one. Also, the first 500 customers who order directly from will received a bonus accessory — Bond’s cigarette case X-ray machine. To pre-order Moonraker Moore from Sideshow click here.

    Moonraker Moore

    Moonraker Moore Full Body

    And what of the future?

    Scott told us the Bond line has been very succesful for Sideshow and that we could expect more 1/4 scale Premium Bond figures with an announcement coming in the next few months. While Scott couldn’t reveal what these figures will be, it seems logical that at least one of them will be an 1/4 scale Roger Moore figure. We can also expect news of a new 12-inch figure soon.

    Scott also provided an interesting bit of trivia; the best selling Bond Sideshow figure “by far” was Pierce Brosnan from Die Another Day. Looks like the “billion dollar Bond” was also a golden boy for Sideshow.

    We were then pleasantly surprised when Scott asked us a question. What did we think Bond fans like to see next from Sideshow’s James Bond line? Did we have any ideas for them?

    Bond fans? Ideas? Are you kidding?

    Sideshow's Bond Display

    Sideshow’s Bond Display

    We had a few ideas on the spot (Roger Moore in mountain climbing outfit with ATTAC accessory from For Your Eyes Only, Elektra King in her red casino dress from The World is Not Enough), but we said we would throw the question out to the largest and most vocal collection of Bond fans anywhere on the web — the CBn forums.

    How to send your Bond figure ideas to Sideshow…

    So if you have an idea for a future Bond figure you would love to see from Sideshow, post it in THIS thread and we will forward the ideas on to Scott and the rest of the team at Sideshow Collectibles.

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