1. New York Times Book Review Discovers 'SilverFin' This Sunday

    By johncox on 2005-07-22

    Attention collectors and Young Bond fans. Ian Fleming Publications informs CBn that this Sunday (July 24) the prestigious New York Time Book Review will run a full page color ad for Charlie Higson’s first Young Bond novel, SilverFin, featuring the (casual dress) picture of young Bond by artist Kev Walker.

    New York Times Young Bond advertisment

    NYTimes Book Review advert as it will appear this Sunday

    While this may only be “news” to compulsive Bond book collectors like myself, it also might be an encouraging sign that SilverFin‘s U.S. publisher Miramax/Hyperion is finally stepping up to the plate promotion-wise.

    A U.S. promotional blitz to match Puffin Books UK marketing was promised by the Disney owned company, but aside from a book tour by author Higson, SilverFin seems to have been getting much the same treatment from its U.S. publisher as Putnam gave the 007 novels by John Gardner and Raymond Benson — nadda.

    U.S. Bond fans have also complained that SilverFin is hard to find in bookstores. The promised large in-store displays never materialized and typically only a handful of copies are relegated to the Young Adult or Teen sections — sometimes alphabetized by the author’s name, sometimes by James Bond…one CBn Team Member saw it at a Waldenbooks under “Y”!?

    Adding to confusion is the fact that a U.S. paperback is listed on as being released on the same day as the hardcover…but according to IFP, there is no U.S. paperback. CBn forum member “rafterman” recently solved the mystery by discovering this is actually an International trade paperback edition for sale in overseas markets, particularly Asia.

    The story is just the opposite in the UK where Puffin Books has helped make SilverFin a runaway bestseller. Puffin and IFP announced the second book in the Young Bond series, Blood Fever, last week. Miramax/Hyperion also holds the publishing rights to Blood Fever, but a U.S. edition has yet to be announced.

    Purchase the U.S. hardcover edition of SilverFin

    Purchase the UK paperback edition of SilverFin

    Pre-order Blood Fever (Young Bond Book 2)

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