1. The (Bond) Art of Paul Gulacy

    By David Winter on 2005-07-18

    A major new book featuring the artwork of Paul Gulacy is set for release next month from Vanguard Productions. Spies, Vixens & Masters of Kung Fu will feature a section devoted to Paul’s work on the 1992 graphic novel, Serpent’s Tooth, which saw 007 traveling to the jungles of Peru to stop a madman from creating a series of deadly tsunamis.

    According to Paul, the Ian Fleming estate called Serpent’s Tooth “the best realization of James Bond in comics” (and I agree).

    Spies, Vixens & Masters of Kung Fu will come in both a DELUXE Hardcover Limited SLIPCASE Edition ($49.95), a regular hardcover edition ($34.95), and a paperback edition ($24.95). The Deluxe edition will include a SIGNED 16 page bonus portfolio with 100 B & W illustrations and 40 color illustrations. The book was compiled and edited by Michael Kronenberg & J. David Spurlock.

    Artist Paul Gulacy

    Artist Paul Gulacy with Spies, Vixens & Masters of Kung Fu at the 2005 San Diego Comic-Con

    Star Wars, Batman, 007, The Terminator, Master of Kung Fu and Catwoman: Building his reputation on these mega-properties Paul Gulacy has proven one of the most highly regarded comic book illustrators of the last 30 years! The artist populates his innovative and surreal designs with characters that bare resemblance to the likes of Bruce Lee, Marlon Brando and Marlene Dietrich. Gulacy made his initial mark on the art world while at Marvel comics during the Kung Fu craze of the 1970’s with Master of Kung Fu. Gulacy’s work on that title inspired legendary film director Quentin Tarantino to say “Master of Kung Fu “hands down my favorite comic book.”

    Spies, Vixens and Masters of Kung Fu examines Gulacy’s art in all its glory. Featuring a gallery of his incredibly detailed paintings –some never before published. This is the first book to fully examine Gulacy’s body of work. Everything from his comic book art to posters, prints, book covers, personal works and paintings are all beautifully reproduced in this eye-catching package.

    You can order Spies, Vixens & Masters of Kung Fu from the official Vanguad Productions website or from

    Stay tuned for more Bond news from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

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