1. CBn Announces First James Bond, 007 Podcast

    By David Winter on 2005-07-01

    Yesterday we launched the Internet’s first dedicated James Bond, 007 Podcast. Our first episode, presented by Evan Willnow, is an audio version of our latest Dossier report, written by Heiko Baumann.

    We’d love to hear feedback on what listeners would like to hear in future episodes and we’d really appreciate it if you could either send us an email or post a new topic in the forums with your thoughts.

    Subscribing to our Podcast is made extremely easy with the new version (4.9) of Apple’s media jukebox, iTunes.

    1. Open iTunes.
    2. Select Advanced, Subscribe to Podcast.
    3. A new window appears with a textbox. Enter in and then press OK.
    4. The latest episode will then start to automatically download into iTunes.

    We have more set-up instructions for other News/Podcast Aggregators, so be sure to check the list here.

    With the release of the Podcast, has gone to the next level – beyond the web browser. You can now catch up on news whenever you like, and if you have an iPod or other MP3 player – you can listen in wherever you like.

    A big thank you to Rich Douglas for make the music cues in the Podcast, be sure to visit his web site at