1. 'From Russia With Love' Level 2 Screenshots

    By Athena Stamos on 2005-06-24

    EA Games has once again provided us with 3 CBn-exclusive From Russia With Love screenshots. Last month we got a preview of Level 1: The London Level. Today we have screenshots from the game’s second level, Hedgemaze.

    From Russia with Love Hedgmaze Screenshot 4 From Russia with Love Hedgmaze Screenshot 5 From Russia with Love Hedgmaze Screenshot 6

    Hedgemaze is the first level adapted directly from the 1963 film. It’s a recreation of the famous From Russia With Love pre-title sequence in which we see James Bond (Sean Connery) being stalked by Red Grant in the gardens of SPECTRE island (in reality the gardens of Pinewood Studios). In this nighttime level of From Russia With Love, there is more of an emphasis on stealth gameplay since there are guards everywhere patrolling the OCTOPUS hideout.

    OCTOPUS hideout? Yep, you got it… in From Russia With Love SPECTRE will be known as OCTOPUS because according to EA there are still legal issues in regards to the use of SPECTRE.

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