1. 'From Russia With Love' Available for Pre-Order

    By Matt Weston on 2005-06-06 has placed EA’s next Bond game, From Russia With Love, up for pre-order, listing a tentative release date of 28 October 2005.

    A CBn-exclusive screenshot: Bond fights at the Thames

    A CBn-exclusive screenshot: Bond fights at the Thames

    A re-imagining of the film of the same name, From Russia With Love will see Sean Connery reprise his role as James Bond by providing his voice and likeness (circa 1963). The game is being crafted as a third-person shooter in a similar vein to last year’s hit, Everything or Nothing, in which gamers assumed the role of Pierce Brosnan’s 007, only in From Russia With Love, players will have the opportunity to slip into the original Bond’s tuxedo.

    EA are recreating a number of key moments from the film, but the game will also incorporate several original sequences, including a fiery face-off between a helicopter and a jetpack-sporting Bond set high above London’s Big Ben.

    The game’s release date is subject to change, however has placed UK listings online for three console versions.

    Pre-order ‘From Russia With Love’

    From Russia With Love is also in development for Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.