1. Charlie Higson Q&A Reveals More on Young Bond 2

    By Matt Weston on 2005-06-03
    Young Bond Book 1 - 'SilverFin'

    Young Bond Book 1: ‘SilverFin’

    Charlie Higson was put in the hotseat in CBBC’s Newsround, as fans had the opportunity to quiz the author about SilverFin, the Young Bond series and life in general. The interview contains questions from fans aged 11 to 16, both young males and females, a sign of the market Higson has tapped with his series.

    Young Bond Book 2 was a hot topic and Higson dropped some interesting hints of what to expect, responding to questions from eager fans, including CBn’s own Chris Wright. Whilst Higson has offered numerous tidbits about his next novel, which is due out in January 2006, the pieces are still falling into place. Higson’s latest interview offers the most detailed clues yet…

    CBn’s Chris Wright: Is “Double M” still the working title for the second book or has a final title been selected?

    Charlie Higson: “Double M” is still the working title. I quite like it as it combines the double from 007 and “M”, who is head of the British Secret Intelligence Service MI6. But the title’s not considered racy enough. “Double M” (“MM”) refers to the symbol of a secret criminal society in the second book.

    David, 14, Loxwood: Can you reveal anything about the next book?

    Charlie Higson: It’s mainly set in Sardinia. It contains pirates, bandits, art thieves and a shoot out in a cave; everything you could want from a James Bond book. James goes to Sardinia on a school archaeological trip. I wanted to set the second book somewhere reasonably exotic. James Bond is known for travelling to such places. But it had to be somewhere James could get to during the summer holidays. That’s why I chose the Mediterranean. I didn’t want to use somewhere overly familiar like Greece or Italy or Spain. People don’t know much about Sardinia. It’s an interesting island with a history of banditry. I’ve been there a few times and I really like it. I saw an artist’s impression of a cave there. Inside are the remains of a Neolithic village. I thought it would make a great villain’s lair. I visited the cave last week and it’s not quite as exciting as the artists’ impression but the whole island is covered in remains of monuments and towers from the past, built between 2000 and 3000 BC. It’s a fantastic setting for an adventure.

    Higson also revealed that Book 2 will hint at the significance of the number seven (as in “007”) in Bond’s life. Check out the entire interview here, in which Higson discusses the teen spy genre, a potential Young Bond film series, who he would like to see as Bond #6 and more.

    Meanwhile, SilverFin continues to slither its way around the globe, having most recently found its way to Australia. Australian stores have begun stocking the novel, whilst various Australian online retailers are now shipping SilverFin, including QBD.

    There are a total of five books planned in the Young Bond series.