1. The '007 Scene It?' Test Drive

    By Athena Stamos on 2005-07-10
    Scene it? 007 Edition

    Scene it? James Bond Edition

    Last month a group of 12 Bond fans in Los Angeles got together with John Cork and Bruce Scivally (who wrote the trivia card questions) for a night of 007 fun. The goal of the evening was to test drive Screenlife’s game, Scene It? James Bond Edition. Those in attendance ranged from hardcore Bond Fanatics to people who just came for the free food and booze.

    Three Rounds of the game were played, ending with the final face off to find the champion of James Bond knowledge. LA Bond fan Collin Stutz won, with CBn Member Ryan Provencher coming in close second — both received a rare 007 Martini set.

    So does Scene it? James Bond Edition measure up? Here are the reactions from some of the event’s attendees:

    007 Scene It is one of the few examples of a board game that can appeal to the most ardent Bond fan, but also to average fan that’s just looking for a fun time. The questions certainly range from reasonably easy to somewhat difficult (always a good thing). The element that works best with the game is that you can be the biggest Bond fan, but if you land on the wrong space you can lose your turn. The luck of the draw certainly helps. If you are one of the lucky ones to keep getting the questions right and landing on the best spaces you can get across the board and maintain a healthy lead. However if you role an “All Play” all players of the game have the chance to answer the DVD question and if you don’t get it you lose your turn. If you role the dice and get a Q card you will most likely lose your turn as well. These obstacles allow for the game to be more easily matched.

    Ryan Provencher

    Ryan checks out his prize

    The addition of the DVD is also a pleasant surprise as it adds a different element to the game and allows the Bond players the chance to talk about the scene after it plays. Of course they pick some of the best scenes in the series. All in all I was quite impressed with 007 Scene It as it made me interested in purchasing the original Scene It game as well. It also helped that all the participants in the game were great Bond fans and fun to be with. What more can you ask for.

    – Ryan Provencher,
    CBn Member Ry

    Scene it? James Bond

    We all watch the Scene it? “training” video

    What really impressed me about the 007 Scene It? Was how it levels the playing field by design. With a game like this there is always the fear that a Bond expect can run the board, but with Scene it that doesn’t happen due to the Play All option (where anyone can shout out the answer) and Q cards (which stops your turn).

    You may know your Bond, but you are still at the mercy of a roll of the dice. For example, Athena was afraid she wouldn’t be able to keep up, but she darn near won all the marbles in the finals! Being a Bond expert is an advantage, yes, but you also have to be lucky with the dice or you might find yourself trailing behind (as I did).

    – John Cox,
    CBn Team Member zencat

    Matthew Buzzell

    Matthew rolls the dice

    I absolutely loved playing this game, especially as I did – in grand and rarefied company and with most gracious hosts. I think the game makes for a wonderful party game evening and I mightily and earnestly stamp it approved. It offers bountiful challenge of varying degrees and encourages spirited camaraderie for both the casual fan and the dangerously obsessed. Cocktails and designated drivers are optional but both are highly recommended.

    – Matthew Buzzell,
    CBn Member Solex Agitator

    While I enjoy James Bond I am certainly not at the level of most of the people who attended the party. Nevertheless it was a great party game and even I was able to answer a few questions. The questions and scenes varied in difficulty for novices to experts. Everybody had a great time and I am looking forward to round two of 007 Scene It!

    – Gabriel Pitts,
    LA Bond Fan

    007 Scene It? is a must for any Bond fan. If you love the films, you will love this extremely well designed and cleverly executed DVD game.

    – Collin Stutz,
    LA Bond Fan

    Bruce Scivally & John Cork

    Bruce & John make sure everyone is playing by the rules

    007 Scene It is heaven for Bond fans and even non-Bond fans. John Cork has culled together a great selection of Bond trivia that go from simple “Who is M’s assistant?” to “What is the number on the jet Bond steals during the Tomorrow Never Dies pre-credits?“. The game is simple and isn’t just clips and questions. They’re all very stylized – much like the special edition DVD’s and the different types of play make it a great interactive party game. The Bond aspects are prevalent throughout from the playing pieces to the often hysterical card responses. 007 Scene It? is a must for any Bond Fan and anyone who’s ever enjoyed a Bond film.

    The Scene It? games now mingled with Bond have opened the door for more of these specified games down the line. It’s only a matter of time before Star Wars, Star Trek and Lord of the Rings get their Scene It? treatments.

    – Charlie Axworthy,
    CBn Team Member Bryce (003)

    Now I’m a James Bond fan, but not someone who knows every little detail contained within the 007 films. I was a little worried about how competitive I would be against those whose knowledge of 007 is more extensive. Well, my worries were for nothing. As long as you’re familiar with James Bond and his adventures it doesn’t mater who you’re playing with. The person with the least amount of Bond knowledge could end up winning, fate lies in a roll of the dice.

    Scene it? James Bond

    Everyone watches a “My Play” clip

    My favorites part of the game was the, “My Play” or “All Play” feature. This is where the question[s] are asked in a visual form on the DVD. You have to figure out different puzzles like: name the bond girl by her silhouette, identifying the film by different screen shots, identify the film or characters by a screenshot where the character’s face/body is removed (leaving the cloths) — there are a lot of other visual and auditory puzzles contained on the dvd as well. If you really like the dvd puzzles like I do, there’s a “Party Play” option which runs the dvd puzzles one after another and everyone can simultaneously play by shouting out the correct answer first.

    – Athena Stamos,
    CBn Team Member Athena007

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