1. The Mystery of 'The Killing Zone'

    By johncox on 2005-05-12
    The Killing Zone

    One of only two known copies of ‘The Killing Zone’

    The Killing Zone

    One of the more mysterious stories in the world of the literary James Bond is that of the little-known 007 novel, The Killing Zone, by Jim Hatfield. The novel, which appeared in 1985, claims to be officially sanctioned by 007 copyright holder Glidrose (now Ian Fleming Publications).

    The Killing Zone tells a story of James Bond going after a drug lord in Mexico after his friend and colleague, Bill Tanner, is murdered by the man. It’s a plotline strikingly similar to Licence To Kill (a movie still four years away when The Killing Zone was “published”).

    But is this book for real? If it is, why does it plagiarize passages from John Gardner’s Licence Renewed? And would Glidrose really allow a “continuation author” to kill off James Bond? And why have only two copies of The Killing Zone ever been discovered? (I happen to own of one these two copies.)

    The James Bond website 007Forever offers a definitive investigation into this most controversial Bond novel, and reveals the truth behind the mystery of The Killing Zone and its even more mysterious author, Jim Hatfield.

    Get ready for a weird ride into a first rate fraud ending in a most tragic death.

    The Mystery of ‘The Killing Zone’

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