1. CBn Reviews 'Goldfinger'

    By Devin Zydel on 2005-05-06

    Over the last several months, members of the CBn Forum have been reviewing all the James Bond films in the “Countdown Threads“. If you wish to join in on the forum discussion all you have to do is register. Now here are some select reviews, varying in opinions, of Goldfinger

    ‘Goldfinger’ -by BondIsMoore

    'Goldfinger' litho by Jeff Marshall

    ‘Goldfinger’ litho by Jeff Marshall

    The classic Goldfinger. This is the film that set the standard for James Bond. Every Bond film that came after Goldfinger had to have what Goldfinger had. A main charasmatic villian, a henchmen with a distinct quality, The bond girl, The car, The big stunts, etc. The movie starts off really quick with a great pre-title sequence and then immediatly gets us familiar with the character Goldfinger. We move from Miami Beach to Switzerland to Kentucky. The film also has the memorable and often duplicated Q scene. This was the first scene with Q in the shop and it’s the best one. The ending is great with the raid on fort Knox and the final fight on the plane with Goldfinger. This film is described in one word, Classic!

    By this time, Sean Connery has perfectly fit into the role of Bond and deleivers a great performance. Honor Blackman is fantastic as Pussy Galore and is one of the toughest Bond girls IMO. Gert Forbe looked exactly the way Goldfinger should look. Fat and blonde. Harold Sakata as Odd Job is really the best henchmen of the early Bonds, until Jaws showed up.

    Classic once again. I knew the theme song before i even heard of Bond. Just classic Bond. The score of the movie holds up really well especially in the opening scene.

    Goldfinger took what was great about the first two and just made it bigger. Bond became more of a superhero after this and after more then 30 years since it was made, the film still stands as one of the greatest action films ever.

    ‘Goldfinger’ -by brendan007

    While I don’t hate the film, I hate the fact that it’s constantly ranked so highly (usually by non-Bond fans just so they sound like they know what they are talking about). It’s a solid little Bond film, but it has not aged well at all (some scenes look like Get Smart).

    It may have created the Bond formula, but other movies do it better.

    ‘Goldfinger’ -by K1Bond007

    One of the rarest times in cinema history that someone can actually say the film is better than the book. Instead of breaking into Fort Knox to steal all the gold, an unfeasible plot which is in the novel, Auric Goldfinger breaks into Fort Knox and attempts to detonate a nuclear warhead so as to increase the value of his gold. Goldfinger has the introduction of the Aston Martin DB5, Bond’s most famous car which is later used in Thunderball, GoldenEye, a small cameo in Tomorrow Never Dies, and is the basis for the car in Die Another Day (ejector seat). The action, the gadgets, the soundtrack, the first theme song to be performed by Shirley Bassey (and her best)– Goldfinger is essentially the mold for every future James Bond film.

    ‘Goldfinger’ -by Moonraker

    This film is the most overrated Bond film of all. It has its good qualities but now it seems out of date and boring. The action is great and the characters are ok, but some sequences get on my nerves (Stud Farm). Its an OK film but I can’t see why it gets so much attention.

    ‘Goldfinger’ by Qwerty

    While Goldfinger is often cited as the best Bond film or perhaps the most well-known Bond film, in my opinion, it really isn’t the greatest Bond film. Sean Connery is most definitely on par as James Bond.

    Goldfinger and Pussy Galore are standouts in their respected categories, that is for sure. The plot of the film is also pretty well-developed, and the idea not to steal the gold is a good twist. The problem I sometimes have with this film is that it seems overrated. Certain parts in this one, meeting with M, and some of the later driving just seem to drag at times.

    Still, we have a terrific score and title song, and an overall good film.

    ‘Goldfinger’ -by Tarl_Cabot

    The Bond film I’d show Aliens if I had to pick just one Bond film that adequately encapsulates what the world of James Bond is all about.

    ‘Goldfinger’ -by trumanlodge89

    In my opinion, the best of all the “lighthearted” Bond films. Sean Connery is his best in this film. Ruthless but charming, deadly but restrained. And Auric Goldfinger. He is my second favorite villian (behind Telly Sevalas’ blofeld). He has the best lines given to a villian in the entire series. Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore is wonderful, setting the bar high for every Bond girl to come.

    Of course, many people say that this film became the “formula” for the typical Bond film, but I really dont see it. I think it is unlike any other. Bond is a prisoner for most of the movie. He is helpless. Yes, he appeals to Ms. Galore, but other than that, Goldfinger’s plan unraveling is his own arrogance. Bond is a spy in this movie, and not a superhero.

    Love the music as well. The score, the title theme, its all good.

    There really isn’t anything I don’t like about this movie.