1. Young Bond Book 2 Pushed to Jan. '06

    By johncox on 2005-02-20

    Thanks to an early release by, CBn forum member Tanger has his hands on the actual UK release edition of SilverFin, the first Young Bond novel by Charlie Higson. The book is not due for its official UK release until March 3.

    Tanger checks in with this “aesthetic review” of the book itself.

    First of all, the cover – it has a glittery effect, the eels and writing are raised (ie. bumpy) and everything that looks white in the pictures is actually silver. The eels look particularly nice with their light blue metallic effect.

    They’ve gone with the cover that says “Meet Bond. James Bond” rather than the one I preferred which said “A James Bond Adventure” but I believe that may be the US one. Or might there be alternate versions around? We’ll have to wait and see.

    The novel is split into parts – there’s a prologue chapter called “Blood in the Water” and then PART ONE: ETON, PART TWO: SCOTLAND, PART THREE: THE CASTLE. There are 28 chapters.

    That’s about it really. Oh, the book’s HUGE by the way. Much bigger than any other Bond paperbacks and quite a way bigger than any average paperback.

    My only complaint is the card that the cover is made out of – if you bend it, it tends to stay in that shape, so my front cover is temporarily curled outwards until I have time to leave it under something heavy.

    The biggest surprise is that the release of Book 2 has apparently been pushed to January 2006. The UK proof edition showed the book coming in November, and the description of SilverFin on notes “A hot sequel to follow in autumn.” Nevertheless…

    With regards to Young Bond #2 – the release date is January 2006. This is shown on both the second page which says “Look out for the second YOUNG BOND book, coming in January 2006 and on the final page which has a picture of a dossier folder and says “The next mission for BOND will be security cleared for release in 2006” and then underneath “Great Adventures Are Worth The Wait”. There’s also a “TOP SECRET” stamp for those of you who wanted to know that.

    Thank you Tanger!

    Keep watching CBn for the latest news on SilverFin and the Young Bond series.

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