1. CBn Reviews Sideshow's Wai Lin

    By Athena Stamos on 2005-02-06
    Wai Lin from Sideshow

    Wai Lin from Sideshow

    From Andy Bergholtz, the Sideshow sculptor who brought us Xenia Onatopp from GoldenEye, has now come out with his second James Bond figure — Wai Lin from Tomorrow Never Dies! This 12 inch Figure is defiantly an improvement; as the likeness of this figure to Michelle Yeoh is excellent.

    Wai Lin has over 30 points of articulation, which are fabulous! Sideshow has really gone through a lot of improvements when it comes to articulation. As you may recall, the mobility of the Pierce Brosnan Die another Day figure is quite stiff. Then there was some great improvement with the Alec Trevelyan figure from GoldenEye, but Wai Lin is far superior when considering mobility.

    Tomorrow Never Dies' Wai Lin

    Wai Lin's ninja star shoes

    She comes with a MP-5 sub-machine gun with removable clip, small explosives, two ninja stars to match the ones implanted on the bottom of her shoes (this is a very cool detail) and a movie specific figure stand. She’s outfitted all in black: turtleneck, vest with details like a pocket on the back, pants, socks & shoes.

    Fans may be interested to know that Wai Lin is only the second figure from Sideshow that uses real hair. The first figure being Anna Valerious of Van Helsing.

    Following the Bond Girl figure box format, Wai Lin’s packaging features a picture of Michelle Yeoh from Tomorrow Never Dies with a mini-insert of the UK poster. Take a look at the pictures to see Sideshows superior packaging.

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