1. EA Confirms, Previews 'From Russia With Love'

    By johncox on 2005-01-31

    Electronic Arts last week visited the University of Florida where it confirmed that their next James Bond video game will be From Russia With Love, reports EA also confirmed that they have another James Bond game in development at their LA studio (site of last year’s GoldenEye: Rogue Agent Community Day).

    Using an early build of From Russia With Love on a PC workstation, EA showed six scenes of the company’s first revisionist Bond game. The first scene portrayed Sean Connery flying across the sky in a jetpack in small town set in the 1960s. After landing, Connery jumps into a sports car with a desirable girl and a car chase-scene ensues. The scene ends as Connery’s driving antics knock down a water tower. The other scene showed Pierce Brosnan sneaking on a boat dock, firing and blowing up explosive crates, and then jettisoning the location in a hybrid boat/hovercraft.

    EA had planned an original 007 outing in the vein of Everything or Nothing for 2005, and hired Bond veteran Bruce Feirstein to write the storyline. However, when it became clear Pierce Brosnan would not be returning to the role of 007 and that an announcement of a successor was still some time away, it was decided to shelve the original and go with the remake concept.

    It not known whether this second game currently in development is based on Feirstein’s original.

    EA’s video game adaptation of From Russia With Love will expand beyond the storyline of the 1963 James Bond film.

    EA is expected to announce more details soon.