1. BCW8 in New York!

    By Athena Stamos on 2005-01-31

    “Operation: Thrill”

    Spend Sean Connery’s 75th Birthday at the eighth annual Bond Collectors Weekend! The dazzling BCW8 is set for August 25-28, 2005 (Thursday-Sunday) in New York City! So save the date!

    Your mission: Participate in all BOND activities

    Meet, dine and party with fans from across the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and the UK. Jump in and dress up for the annual costume bash (you’ll have 45-min to get properly dressed!). There will be the usual 007 memorabilia swap and sale. Plus James Bond insiders and celebrities will be in attendance — a scheduled 007 author book signing as well (all “names” tba). Of course Bond Collectors Weekend wouldn’t be complete without tours of New York and Tri-State 007 locations — including locations from Live & Let Die, Diamonds Are Forever, Die Another Day, Goldfinger and 007 in New York.

    *Sung to the tune of Goldfinger*

    Bond Collectors’ (wa-wa-wa) We-ee-ee-eekend! It’s the days, the days with the golden touch, That-mean-so-much! (wa-wa-wa-wa-wa!)

    …Golden coin you can spend on yourself, If you want 007’s top shelf! But our BCWs, are like no other, Events you can enjoy, sisters and brothers…

    B…C…W…8’s the charm, The Weekend to end them all, …Starting at City Hall!

    – That craZy Matt Sherman
    organizer of the BCW’s

    “You’ve suddenly become tiresome, Mr. Sherman.”

    Keep watching CBn for more details on BCW8. Including hotel information, pricing and how to purchase tickets for this four-day 007 event!

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