1. Roger Moore Asks People To Help

    By The CBn Team on 2005-01-05

    Former James Bond actor and UNICEF ambassador Sir Roger Moore has added his voice to the international appeal for aid to help the people of Asia.

    Sir Roger, who calls for help via his official website, says that people should not forget the plight of tsunami victims while they are celebrating the New Year. He said: ‘As we celebrate the New Year, it is hard to ignore the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Asia.’

    ‘Hundreds of thousands of children are in need. In need of finding their parents, their families. In need of access to clean water. In need of safety. In need of help. "Unicef needs your support to help these children and make a difference to their lives.’

    ‘Your donations to Unicef will help make that difference in the New Year.’

    If you want to help, you can go to and make a donation.