1. European 007 Convention

    By Athena Stamos on 2004-12-23

    Club007France” is helping to put together a big European 007 Convention with the participation of Bond stars, but this convention project cannot start without an approximate number of interested participants.

    Nothing is set in stone yet and all details have yet to be discussed, but the European 007 Convention would take place in Italy – probably Milan. The convention would be held either in a hotel with a conference room of least 1,000 seats or in an exhibition space within the structures of the local trade fair. The main attraction would be the participation of James Bond stars involved in the world 007. The guest of honor (hopefully Pierce Brosnan) would deliver a speech to the public and answer questions, were as all the stars would be available to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans. A merchandising area would also be arranged — renting booth space to exhibitors. The day will continue with a 007 film parade.

    But the first step in making this dream a realization is to hear from the James Bond fans themselves since the whole event is based on the number of participants. Please take some time to read the 007-convention questionnaire below and send your answers to: [email protected] (or if you’re a member of the CBn Forums you can PM your answers to member Cesari).

    1) Would you be willing to come to Italy to participate to a 007 convention (either Milan or Rome) in 2005?

    2) What would be the best period for you to come?

    3) Would you like it to last 1, 2 or 3 days?

    4) Would you like the organizers to also propose packages (entrance fee, plus hotel accommodation, plus dinners)?

    5) Would you be interested in renting an exhibition space to sell/exchange merchandise?

    6) Would you like to see a 007 movie parade during the event?

    7) We are planning to invite a star: which James Bond would you like to see at the event?

    8) Which country are you from?

    Other suggestions would be very much appreciated. Please consider that without your help we will not be able to organize this convention.