1. Sideshow to Release 'HALO Bond'

    By David Winter on 2004-12-22
    Brosnan in HALO suit

    Brosnan in HALO suit in Tomorrow Never Dies

    Although it has yet to be officially announced, CBn has learned that Sideshow Collectibles plans to release a Pierce Brosnan/James Bond action figure dressed in his HALO Jump Suit from Tomorrow Never Dies.

    One of Tomorrow Never Dies‘ most thrilling sequences, the HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) jump was performed off the coast of Key Largo, Florida by longtime Bond stunt coordinator B.J. Worth. The action calls for Bond to jump from a plane and free-fall for five miles before releasing his chute at 200 feet (below Chinese radar) and hitting the water at 30 MPH.

    The new HALO Bond figure should make an excellent companion to the Wai Lin action figure due for release in the first Quarter of ’05.

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