1. "It's Only A Number."

    By Devin Zydel on 2004-12-20

    James Bond 007 is not the only 00-agent working for MI6 in London. There are many, many others with the famed double-O that gives one a licence to kill. They have turned up in quite a few missions in the James Bond legacy; whether as replacements for James Bond or working on a mission that Bond will eventually take over. With that… we present the cinematic 00-agents:

    002 – (The Man with the Golden Gun, The Living Daylights)

    In The Man with the Golden Gun, 002 is Bill Fairbanks, a 00-agent who was murdered by the deadly Francisco Scaramanga while in Beirut with a dancer named Saida. The golden bullet that killed him is now the dancer’s lucky charm.

    In The Living Daylights, 002 along with Bond and 004 on the training mission at Gibraltar. He wasn’t very lucky however, as no sooner did he land at the base, and was spotted and caught.

    003 – (A View to a Kill)

    In A View to a Kill, 003 was on a mission to collect a microchip and bring it back to MI6, and was then later killed. His body is found by James Bond along with the microchip, which was hidden in a locket.

    004 – (The Living Daylights)

    In The Living Daylights, 004 joins 002 and James Bond in the Gilbraltar training mission. The event turns drastic when attempting to ascend a wall; he is killed by the assassin who has secretly infiltrated the base.

    006 – (GoldenEye)

    Perhaps the most infamous 00-agent with the exception of James Bond. 006 is Alec Trevelyan, one of Bond’s best friends. He soon turns out to be the prime enemy of James Bond when his past with MI6 brings up some problems in GoldenEye. It’s a deadly case of one 00-agent against another.

    007 – (James Bond)

    You know the name… you know the number.

    008 – (Goldfinger, The Living Daylights)

    008, while never making an appearance on screen, is cited by M in both Goldfinger and The Living Daylights as James Bond’s replacement on both missions if he doesn’t feel that he will be able to properly work on the upcoming mission.

    009 – (Octopussy, The World is not Enough)

    In Octopussy, 009 is early seen dressed in a clown suit trying to escape with a Faberge egg. He is fatally wounded by the twin enemies and is able to make it to the British Embassy to deliver the egg before falling to his death.

    In The World is not Enough, 009 is sent by M to track down and kill Renard. He is able to put the bullet in Renard’s head that will eventually kill him.

    The 00’s Unite – (Thunderball)

    In Thunderball, every 00-agent who currently is in Europe is called in for the Thunderball debriefing. James Bond strolls in late, naturally, and takes his seat next to several of the others.