1. Rogue Agent Undercover part 2

    By Athena Stamos on 2004-10-01

    In August CBn gave you an inside look at EA’s new James Bond themed video game, GoldenEye: Rogue Agent (GE:RA Community Day, Part II). Included in this report was the Rogue Agent Undercover pt1 video (scroll to the end of the above mentioned article to view). And now CBn is proud to gives you: Rogue Agent Undercover pt2 hosted by Executive Producer Patrick Gilmore.

    Rogue Agent Undercover pt2
    Quicktime: Low 28.6M
    Quicktime: High 72.1M

    In this exciting new video we learn some new information: there are 100 different mix and match weapon combinations and Xenia Onatopp now works for Dr. No!

    Since this video is about “Playing Like a Villain”, here are a number of character renderings from Goldeneye Rogue Agent (1034 x 768 for your desktop).

    Dr. No Rogue Agent Goldfinger
    Dr. No, Rogue Agent and Goldfinger

    Pussy Galore Xenia Onatopp
    Pussy Galore and Xenia Onatopp

    Scaramanga Oddjob Number 1 (Blofeld)
    Scaramanga, Oddjob and Number 1 (aka: Blofeld)

    * full desktop size image coming soon.