1. Roger Moore Film Festival

    By Athena Stamos on 2004-09-29

    October brings those in the UK a unique chance to see Roger Moore talk about his life and career (21 Oct) and sample the best of his work (21, 22-23 Oct). Don’t pass this opportunity up…

    Barbican Centre
    Silk Street
    London EC2Y 8DS
    Phone: 020 7638 4141

    Box Office: 020 7638 8891
    (9am-8pm daily)

    Thu 21 Oct 7.30pm

    An Evening with Roger Moore
    Screentalk plus Screening of The Man Who Haunted Himself
    Buy Tickets: £9.50 – £11

    Sir Roger Moore will be aprearing at the Barbican, to talk about his life and prolific career featuring such iconic roles as The Saint and James Bond. The evening includes a special screening of The Man Who Haunted Himself.

    The Man Who Haunted Himself (1970): Roger Moore stars with Hildegard Neil and Anton Rodgers in Basil Dearden’s tense thriller about a businessman who survives a car crash, only to find that a double of himself is plaguing his life. Fascinating location footage of 1970s London, and crowned by one of Roger Moore’s finest performances. Dir. Basil Dearden. 94 min.

    The following screenings are priced at £5.50 – £7.
    If you buy tickets for 2 or more films below the cost will be £5 each
    (call the boxoffice for this special offer).

    Saturday 23 Oct, 1:45pm

    Roger Moore, The Saint

    Roger Moore, The Saint

    Roger Moore in The Saint
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    The Saint Plays With Fire (1964): Based on Leslie Charteris’ 1939 novel ’Prelude to War’, this is a dramatic piece about the rise of the far right in British politics. A realistic and gritty episode that remains as relevant today as it did at the time. Guest stars Joseph Furst as the chilling fascist leader. Dir. Robert S. Baker. 50 min.

    The Queens Ransom (1966): Simon Templar is hired to escort the wife of a deposed middle eastern King to Switzerland, as the ex-monarchs plan a return to power in their homeland. Dawn Adams stars as the none-too-keen Queen who has the Saint watching over her. Dir. Roy Baker. 50 min.

    Saturday 23 Oct, 3:45pm

    The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
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    For many fans, the best of Roger Moore’s films as 007. Lavish sets, exotic locations and a thrilling mountain ski chase cap the story of Bond’s attempts to avoid global conflict after Russian and American submarines disappear underwater. Bond teams up with a beautiful Russian agent to take on the indestructible ’Jaws’. Dir. Lewis Gilbert. 125 min.

    Sunday 24 Oct, 2pm

    Roger Moore in The Saint and The Persuaders!
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    Roger Moore, The Saint

    Roger Moore, The Saint

    The Ex-King of Diamonds (1967): Roger Moore teams up with a Texan oil millionaire in an episode that tested the format of his next series The Persuaders!. Elstree Studios doubles as the Cote d’Azur as The Saint gets mixed up in gambling, with a beautiful young woman and an exiled King. Isla Blair stars as the damsel in distress. Dir. Alvin Rakoff. 50 min.

    Overture (1970): Glittering stars, glamourous locations, fast cars and even faster women; the recipe for The Persuaders!. Roger Moore plays Peer of the Realm, Lord Brett Sinclair next to Hollywood legend Tony Curtis’ brash New Yorker Danny Wilde. Overture brings the two playboys together as they enjoy themselves on the Cote d’Azur looking for a beautiful girl with a heart-shaped birthmark. Dir. Basil Dearden. 50 min.

    Sunday 24 Oct, 4pm

    The Naked Face (1984)
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    A rare screening of Bryan Forbes’ thriller starring Roger Moore, alongside Rod Steiger, Anne Archer and Elliott Gould. Adapted from Sidney Sheldon’s novel, The Naked Face tells of a Chicago psychiatrist who is suspected of killing one of his patients. A slow-burning triumph that captures the depth and wide-ranging diversity of Roger Moore’s screen work. Dir. Bryan Forbes. 106 min.