1. Titan Books OHMSS Now Shipping

    By johncox on 2004-08-20

    Titan Books On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is now available from online retailer (in the UK) and (in the U.S.). This latest Titan reprint of the classic Daily Express comic strips by Henry Gammidge and John McLusky also includes the collected You Only Live Twice and an exclusive introduction by James Bond himself, George Lazenby! This marks the first time these two classic strips have been collected in English.

    CBn forum member “Red Grant” — who is also webmaster of the terrific The Art of James Bond website — hands in this review.

    Titan Books OHMSS

    Titan Books OHMSS

    I have just received my copy of the soon to be released OHMSS/YOLT comic strip from Titan books and have to say this one is the best yet. Great to see the epic OHMSS complete for the first time… fact this is the first time either story has been commercially available since their original run. The quality is marginally better than the two Horak releases with YOLT being slightly fuzzier due to the fact it was taken from newsprint rather than the original art. Black levels are solid on both stories and the detail in Mclusky’s superb illustration shines through. The book has an introduction by George Lazenby (nothing very new here though) and is a worthy addition to the collection of any true Fleming/Bond fan. It is due for publication on 1st September and makes you want the rest of the series even sooner!

    CBn is proud to say it was partly responsible for completing this latest Titan edition. Titan was missing the final panel for OHMSS. They contacted the knowledgeable Red Grant for help, and he connected via a CBn posting with fellow forum user doublenoughtspy who owns the entire story archive and was able to provide Titan with the missing panel. Nice work guys!

    Titan released the collected The Man With The Golden Gun in March and Octopussy in May. The upcoming Casino Royale and Goldfinger are available for pre-order. No word yet on what extra stories these editions will include or who will be providing the introductions.

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