1. First Young Bond Novel Title and Cover Art Revealed!

    By johncox on 2004-08-18
    SilverFin cover art

    ‘SilverFin’ UK Cover Art

    In April CBn first reported that Ian Fleming Publications would be publishing a new series of “Young James Bond” novels starting in 2005. Today IFP has announced the title of their first book and revealed the UK cover art.

    SilverFin sees a 13-year-old James Bond investigating mysterious goings-on in a Scottish Castle alongside love interest “Wilder Lawless.” This new series of Young Bond novels are being written by BBC comedy writer and thriller novelist Charlie Higson, and are aimed at capturing a younger demographic of Bond fan, as well as those young readers who have made the Harry Potter books such an international sensation.

    This is not the first time a “Young Bond” series has been attempted. In 1967 Glidrose published the novel, 003 1/2: The Adventures of James Bond Junior. In 1991 Danjaq launched a James Bond Jr. series of animated cartoons, books, and comics. Both failed to find a wide audience. But with an onslaught of publicity worthy of a Potter novel, Ian Fleming Publications is gambling that this third time will be a charm.

    The dark waters around a Scottish castle hold a sinister secret. One man with a thirst for power will use it – whatever the cost. SilverFin is dangerous. SilverFin is the future. SilverFin must be destroyed…

    Bond, James Bond.

    The legend begins with SilverFin.

    SilverFin is due for release in March 2005 with a second yet untitled novel scheduled for November 2005. There are a total of five books planned. SilverFin will be published in the UK by Puffin Books (a division of the Penguin Group), and by Miramax Books in the U.S.

    Rumors that Orlando Bloom will be appearing in a movie adapted from the Higson novels are not true.

    Watch CBn’s all-new Charlie Higson/SilverFin section for the latest news and reviews of the first Young Bond novel.

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