1. GoldenEye 64: Something To Remember

    By The CBn Team on 2004-08-13

    GoldenEye 64 set the bar for all kinds of games. It’s an exciting thrill ride that many Bond gamers still measure newly released 007 games by. GoldenEye is based on James Bond’s 17th adventure. In the game you are Bond, James Bond, and must stop the world being destroyed by a secret space weapon, codenamed GoldenEye.

    A new revolutionary helicopter, known as the “Pirate” EuroCopter has been stolen right in front of the world’s high-ranking military representatives. Workers at the Severnaya Weapons Facility in Russia are brutally murdered and the base is mysteriously hit by a massive electro-magnetic pulse (EMP), wiping out all electronic devices and all evidence. The Russian Government’s official word is that it was a training exercise gone wrong, though MI6 finds a connection between the “accident” and the stolen Helicopter, and that the incident was certainly no accident. Using a lead they find GoldenEye has fallen into the hands of a Russian crime syndicate known as Janus.

    Your mission is to find and stop those who are in control of GoldenEye, at any cost.

    This game has something for everyone. There are 20 exciting levels for you to test your wits, two of which you are only accessible by completing the game on the higher difficulty levels. An array of characters are also at your disposal in multiplayer mode, many of which you’ll meet in the levels. Old enemies like Jaws; to new allies like Natalya are some of the characters you’ll be working with… or against.

    GoldenEye was a hit game when it was originally released in 1997, and still to this day, is the subject of many Bond game discussions.

    If you don’t own Goldeneye 64 you can buy it online from eBay quite cheaply. And if you need a Nintendo 64 games console as well, you can find that on eBay too.

    Therefore, presented to you are the mission walkthroughs for all twenty levels for this game. A chance- if you so wish – to get the game back out of the loft, dust off your N64 and play it again.