1. Casino Royale Starring…

    By Evan Willnow on 2004-08-05

    With the news that Bond 21 will be based on Ian Fleming’s first James Bond novel, Casino Royale, it seems like a good time to revisit a CBn Classic from last year’s week long Casino Royale 50th anniversary celebration. So here’s a second look at Casino Royale Starring… by Evan Willnow.

    April 13, 2003
    Fifty years ago today, the thirteenth of April, 1953, a novel that would lead to a sensation was released. It had been penned by a journalist and former intelligence 007 Days Of Casino Royaleofficer named Ian Fleming and was about a secret agent by the name of James Bond. The book, titled Casino Royale, began a phenomenon that would include not only novels but comic strips, graphic novels, board games, video games, and most famously movies.

    Fleming’s James Bond novels have always been a mighty success, but James Bond’s literary success has since been vastly over-shadowed by his cinematic success. The film series has lasted forty years itself and has included twenty “official” films and five actors playing the lead role.

    With all of these films, and despite an early television interpetation and a later “spoof” version, over these fifty years there has never been an “official” version of Fleming’s first novel.

    With this in mind, we present to you something every Bond fan seems to enjoy: What if scenarios. We will show you here five scenes from Casino Royale interpreted for film. Each scene is set in a different era of the Bond films and each features a different Bond actor as James Bond.

    These scenes will hopefully give you a taste of the possibilities of what could have been, or at least what each scene’s author feels could have been as presents Casino Royale Starring…