1. The Blades Library Book Club: Diamonds Are Forever

    By Luke Freeman on 2004-07-01

    Welcome back to The Blades Library Book Club – the place for quality discussions of the books of James Bond!

    Every two months a book is chosen for the club members to read. A thread is posted in the club forums listing locations on where you can find the novel. Discussions about the book will go on as the book is read and when it is finished. Another thread will be created so that club members can post their review and give a rating on the current book.

    All fans of the Literary Bond are eligible for membership. All you need to do to sign up is register for the CBn Forums and then post your name in the sign up thread.

    The Book Club’s Fourth Book:

    Diamonds Are Forever

    For now, we’ll continue though the novels in chronological order, since quite a number of members are using the club as an opportunity to read the books for the very first time. Therefore, Diamonds Are Forever will be the book in the hands of readers for July 2004. Diamonds Are Forever, written in 1956, is Fleming’s fourth Bond novel.

    Obtaining The Book:

    Ordering online should be quite easy. Diamonds Are Forever can be ordered online from the following sources:

    Online sources for other older versions of Diamonds Are Forever:

    Discuss other places to buy Diamonds Are Forever or where you got your copy in this thread.

    Discuss The Book While Reading:

    Want to talk about the book while reading it. Post a new thread in The Blades Library. Be sure to title the thread with “Diamonds Are Forever” and the chapter number you have read through.

    Review And Rate The Book:

    After you have finished reading Diamonds Are Forever, you can dicuss it with other club members in The Blades Library, and give the book your personal rating out of five in this thread.

    If you have any questions or suggestions just post them in a new thread. Happy reading.

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