1. 'Diamonds Are Forever' Mustang Mach 1 Showcased at L.A. Auction

    By David Winter on 2004-06-28

    The Diamonds Are Forever Mach 1

    CBn was on the scene Saturday (6/26) as Tiffany Case’s red 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 “Fastback” from Diamonds Are Forever was put on the auction block during the fast and furious Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction held the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Over 117 cars were auctioned off in a scene that resembled a high-price cattle auction (with the revving of engines replacing the mooing of cows).

    Mike Alameda waiting in the Mach 1 to drive up on the block

    It was near the end of the day when current owner of the Bond car, Mike Alameda, drove the Mach 1 up on the auction platform with his young son in the passenger seat beside him. A poster for Diamonds Are Forever was set beside the car for good measure. The bidding began in earnest, but after peaking at $23,000, the Mach 1 one was let go without having met its reserve price.

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    Mike Alameda talking with CBn's John CoxCBn spoke with the affable Mr. Alameda before and after the auction, and he generously shared the history of the car he has owned for over 20 years. Surprisingly, Alameda brought the car in the mid ’80s with no idea that it had been used in a James Bond film! It wasn’t until just a few years ago, when Alameda decided it was time to sell the car, that he decided to do some research and get the original documentation on the vehicle. Much to his surprise, the documentation showed that this “fastback” was the principal “hero car” driven by Jill St. John and Sean Connery in his final official appearance as James Bond. Additional research with the director of chase scenes on 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever confirmed this fact. All the documentation was displayed alongside the car at the auction, along with several trophies the car had won, on its own merits, at classic cars shows.

    While this car was the Mach 1 used in the bulk of the highlight chase scene through the streets of Las Vegas, Alameda notes that the Mach 1 that went through the alleyway on two wheels — the “tilt car” as he calls it — was another vehicle customized to perform that one stunt.

    The inside of the Mach 1The car is a fully optioned early production Mach 1, with 429 Cobra Jet Ram Air engine, C-6 automatic, with trim rings and hub caps and reproduction White side wall tires. It is in absolutely pristine condition. For the auction, the car sported special Diamonds Are Forever “007” license plates.

    While the car didn’t fetch his reserve price, Alameda didn’t seem disappointed. Despite being held in Los Angeles, and despite an appearance by Pamela Anderson on stage, the Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction seemed more geared to buyers seeking rare classic cars than buying a piece of famous movie memorabilia (a taxi cab used by the Seinfeld cast sold for only $5000). Even before the auction, Alameda told CBn that what he feared most was that someone would buy the car who had no interest in its Bond connection, and the famous Mach 1 Mustang might never be seen by Bond fans again.

    But, happily, that didn’t happen on this day.

    Tiffany Case’s Mach 1 Mustang from Diamonds Are Forever is still around for fans to enjoy, and it’s still for sale. Those serious about owning this major piece of Bond history (and one heck of a cool car) can contact Mike Alameda via email: [email protected].

    Athena Stamos with the DAF Mach 1

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