1. Moonraker's Galatea 'Gala' Brand

    By Devin Zydel on 2004-06-27

    Name: Galatea “Gala” Brand
    Hair: Auburn
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5’7″
    Languages: English & German

    “There was no answering smile in the eyes which looked calmly into his. No answering pressure of her hand. ‘How do you do,’ she said indifferently, almost, Bond sensed, with hostility.”

    Chapter 11
    Ian Fleming’s Moonraker

    Gala Brand is introduced in the novel Moonraker as an undercover Special Branch agent working for the villainous Hugo Drax at his Moonraker facility in Kent. She’s been undercover at the facility for quite some time, although with nothing to report.

    Gala Brand is as frigid as they can come. She does not take much of an interest in James Bond when they first meet. She has an identifying mole on her upper right breast which Bond takes obvious note of.

    “He made several attempts to engage her in conversation. He failed completely. She answered with polite monosyllables and would hardly meet his eye. Bond became mildly irritated. He found her physically very attractive and it annoyed him to be unable to extract the smallest response.”

    Chapter 11
    Ian Fleming’s Moonraker

    James Bond finally manages to melt Gala’s icy reserve when they both take a moment away from the strenuous Moonraker affair and go out together on a ‘golden day.’ They stroll the high cliffs, discussing why Hugo Drax would hire only German workers, and such matters as the screams of flowers. The suggestion of a quick swim arises and Gala complies. She takes Bond’s gentlemanly promise of not looking while she undresses as the truth–an easy mistake to make around 007.

    Afterwards, Bond and Gala return to work and to more dangerous adventure. Soon, Gala finds herself working with Bond to save their lives. She works furiously to escape from the impending danger approaching. They both come close to being killed in the final pages of the novel.

    The story concludes with one of the most interesting and bittersweet endings for a Bond girl ever…

    “She laughed. ‘I’m sorry I can’t oblige. But there are plenty of others waiting to be picked.'”

    Chapter 25
    Ian Fleming’s Moonraker