1. NightFire for Mac Now Available

    By johncox on 2004-06-21

    James Bond 007: NightFire for the Mac is now available with free shipping from online retailer


    Nightfire was originally released for other game systems in 2002. The game isn’t much different from the PC version. Besides the various extensive levels there are to play to get through the story section of the game, there is a multi-player mode that supports up to 32 Mac-to-Mac players across 15 maps in death match, team death match, or capture the flag scenarios.

    Based on the Beta version, Mac gamers will be getting a seemingly improved intelligence of a decent PC game. The only problem is that the PC original is two years old. The genre of first person shooters has evolved in that time, but that can hardly be held against Nightfire. Mac gamers can expect to get balanced and solid gameplay.

    System requirements for NightFire for Mac call for system OS / X with at least a 500 MHz G3 with 256 MB RAM and 1 Gig of open drive space and a DVD drive.