1. Happy Birthday Claudine Auger

    By David Winter on 2001-04-26

    She was Miss France in 1958 and today she turns 59. She is of course Claudine Auger, the French Beauty who played Domino Derval in 1965’s Thunderball opposite Sean Connery. And today she is still considered one of the sexiest Bond girls in history!

    Born on the 26th of April 1942 Auger did few English-language films, however, she did quite a few French films in her time. As a Bond Girl Auger had the rare privilege of saving James Bond and killing the bad guy, and rightly so! However, Auger’s stature as a Bond Beauty might also be diminished by observers who claim that her voice was dubbed in the movie.

    So Happy 59th to Claudine Auger!

    Thanks to NJ for the tip off!