1. Where's Wilson?

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-04-06

    The man currently behind the James Bond films–Michael G. Wilson–isn’t always behind the camera. Many devoted 007 film fans have noticed (or heard) that Wilson makes hidden cameo appearences in many of the Bond films. Some of these cameos are easier to find than others: in some films he appears more than once, and some cameos are only recognizable by his voice. Have you spotted him?

    Notice: These DVD freezes, where you can quickly spot a part of his cameo, apply to the Region 1 Special Edition (SE) and Ultimate Edition (UE) DVDs.

    Article originally posted: 4 May 2004
    Last update: 6 April 2009


    A young Michael G. Wilson was on the set and reportedly served as the driver in many of the scenes in Kentucky in the film.

    The Spy Who Loved Me

    This 1977 entry was Wilson’s first credited James Bond film (as ‘special assistant to producer’). He can be seen sitting in the row behind Anya at the Egyptian pyramid show.
    DVD Freeze–00:27:55 (SE)
    DVD Freeze–00:27:52 (UE)

    Moonraker (Two Cameos)

    Wilson is back again–this time in two scenes. He can first be viewed walking from the right side of the screen when Bond immediately looks at the entrance to the glass shop and museum. Secondly, much later in the film, he appears as a space technician and gets the line: ‘It’s over 200 meters in diameter.’
    DVD Freeze–00:33:59 (SE)
    DVD Freeze–01:43:08 (SE)

    DVD Freeze–00:34:05 (UE)
    DVD Freeze–01:43:13 (UE)

    Michael G. Wilson in Moonraker.

    For Your Eyes Only

    This time Wilson is visible for only one cameo. He is the Greek priest that can be seen immediately at the beginning of the sequence when Bond heads to meet Q for confession.
    DVD Freeze–01:43:10 (SE)
    DVD Freeze–01:43:18 (UE)

    Octopussy (Two Cameos)

    Two cameos this time. He can first be seen as a member of the committee who listen to the reports by General Gogol and General Orlov. Later on in the film he helps Bond onto the tourist boat after the chase sequence with Kamal Khan (look for the one wearing a white shirt).
    DVD Freeze–00:16:11 (SE)
    DVD Freeze–01:05:38 (SE)

    DVD Freeze–00:16:10 (UE)
    DVD Freeze–01:05:35 (UE)

    A View To A Kill (Voice Only)

    Undoubtedly one of the most difficult cameos to spot (simply because only Wilson’s voice makes it into the film!). When Bond and Stacey Sutton are walking towards the file room in the Town Hall, Wilson’s voice can be faintly heard. It helps if one turns up the volume for this cameo.

    DVD Freeze–01:24:40 (SE)
    DVD Freeze–01:24:40 (UE)

    The Living Daylights

    Wilson and his wife are situated two seats to the left of Saunders at the opera performance roughly halfway into the film.
    DVD Freeze–00:59:28 (SE)
    DVD Freeze–00:59:30 (UE)

    Licence To Kill (Voice Only)

    In the very beginning of the film, Wilson gets the lines: ‘He’s landing at Cray Key,’ and ‘If they hurry, they just might be able to grab the bastard.’
    DVD Freeze–00:00:59 (SE)
    DVD Freeze–00:01:00 (UE)


    Wilson can be seen sitting at the committee meeting that listens to the report on Severnaya by General Ourumov (his face is shown several times throughout the sequence).
    DVD Freeze–00:49:59 (SE)
    DVD Freeze–00:49:12 (UE)

    Tomorrow Never Dies

    In one of his biggest appearances in the series, Wilson plays the role of Mr. Wallace, a member of the Carver Media Group staff. He is instructed to blackmail the president in order to lower cable rates; to which Wilson replies: ‘consider him slimed.’
    DVD Freeze–00:20:42 (SE)
    DVD Freeze–00:20:44 (UE)

    The World Is Not Enough

    During the casino sequence, Wilson can be seen giving Elektra King a check to sign immediately when she goes into the private room to play against Zukovsky.
    DVD Freeze–00:46:50 (SE)
    DVD Freeze–00:46:52 (UE)

    Die Another Day (Two Cameos)

    At the very beginning of the Cuba sequence, Bond can be seen walking in front of a man (Wilson) leaning against a pink car. Later on in the film, Wilson has a speaking part as General Chandler. He can be seen several times alongside M and Damian Falco.
    DVD Freeze–00:31:10 (SE)
    DVD Freeze–01:48:06 (SE)

    DVD Freeze–00:31:10 (UE)
    DVD Freeze–01:48:06 (UE)

    Casino Royale

    Wilson returns for another larger cameo appearance in Daniel Craig’s debut 007 film. Here he plays the role of the corrupt chief of police in Montenegro (he can be seen sitting over Mathis’ shoulder).
    DVD Freeze–01:06:26 (SE)
    DVD Freeze–01:06:22 (UE)

    Quantum of Solace

    Wilson can be seen reading a newspaper while James Bond talks with the receptionist at the Hotel Dessalines in Port Au Prince after killing Mr. Slate.
    DVD Freeze–00:20:14 (SE)