1. An Inside Look at 'Everything or Nothing'

    By Guest writer on 2004-04-30

    Written by John Lambert (aka: Johnboy007)

    Everything or Nothing is easily the best game EA has created with the 007 license. The 3rd person point of view provides a refreshingly different vantage point. The levels are longer and more difficult than in EA’s previous outings. The enemy AI improved dramatically from Nightfire. All of this combined with excellent scans of the actors, and the use of their actual voices makes Everything or Nothing one the greatest James Bond games ever.

    James Bond has returned to console, and more stylish than ever. Sean Callery’s opening music hurls you right into the mayhem! You are thrown right in the middle of a firefight, with nuclear materials to recover. After mercilessly blowing away adversaries, James Bond makes his escape in to an awaiting Harrier jet. Cue in Mya’s title song, and prepare to be blown away.

    Bond is shipped off to Egypt. His mission, find the (treacherous) nano-technology researcher Katya Nadanova (Heidi Klum), and rescue her from Max Zorin’s KGB prodigy Nikolai Diavolo (Willem Dafoe). One jump off a burning building, motorcycle ride, brawl with our old toothy friend Jaws (Richard Kiel), and a helicopter chase, Bond catches up with St. Germaine, and delivers her back safely.

    003 has suddenly gone missing, and has failed to report to Mi6 for several days. 003 was investigating Diavolo in Puerto Viejo, Peru. M ships our 007, equipped for the first time, a gadget laden Porsche Cayenne Turbo SUV, in search of 003. James Bond finds 003’s hideout. While searching through, the telephone rings, with geologist. Serena St. Germaine (Shannon Elizabeth) calling to meet with 003. Bond and Serena make their escape out of the city, to begin investigating Diavolo’s platinum mines.

    007’s investigation within the mine soon turns in to a fight for his life. Bond ends up in a firefight with numerous enemies throughout a series of ruins. Bond finds 003, who had been shot by Diavolo, and dies not long after he is found. Bond begins to make his exit, running up the stairs of a tower in the mine. Bond makes it out of the mine, but faces a daunting cliff. To make matters worse, Serena has been captured, and been thrown off of the cliff. Bond rappels off the cliff and while dodging machine gun toting adversaries and large protruding rocks, Bond rescues Serena from death.

    Bond and Serena make their exit in true 007 fashion, a commandeered tank! Bond and Serena blast their way through patrols, back to 003’s hideout. They find a more practical vehicle to end the journey, a new Triumph Daytona. With little time before the aircraft to take them home leaves, they speed away, and board at the last possible moment.

    Bond makes his return to New Orleans for some Mardi gras mayhem. Bond roams the streets for the second time in the more traditional Aston Martin with all the usual refinements. Bond is sent to NSA Agent Mya Starling (Mya Harrison) in the Kiss Kiss Club. Bond stealthily enters the club, and eliminates a few unsuspecting guards. A shootout within the club ensues, with chairs, tables, and beer bottles in play. Agent Starling is captured and whisked away to the crematorium. Bond blasts out and into the graveyard.

    No easy walk in the park for 007, as gunfire soon roars through the cemetery. After tagging a few snipers, Bond enters (for once) through the front door. Bond comes face to face with Mya’s captor and battles him, with Mya dangling towards the crematorium’s fierce flames. Bond disposes his adversary and unhooks Mya from her cable. Bond and Mya hit the streets to her apartment, avoiding enemy cars. They of course, make it back unharmed. Together, they “unwind” after a rough night.

    Bond is next taken to an old mansion on the outskirts of the Big Easy. Bond infiltrates the mansion, to find out what Diavolo’s men are planning. Bond stumbles into an underground factory. Diavolo has begun production of thousands of nanobots that plan to eat into the levees around New Orleans to flood the city. Bond destroys the factory, but not before a truckload has been taken out, driven by your orthodontist’s favorite patient, Jaws.

    The game is now on to its most exciting level. Aboard the Triumph, Bond is in hot pursuit of Jaws’ tanker truck bound for New Orleans, in an effort to dodge pursuers Bond jumps bridge construction to the other side in to incoming traffic. Bond swerves back in the correct lane, and begins to flatten his Triumph under a soon to explode innocent tanker truck. Bond comes away unscathed and takes a clear path at Jaws. Bond disables the truck, thwarting Diavolo’s plans in New Orleans.

    EoN is still not finished.

    Bond returns back to Peru to try and meet Diavolo uninvited. Bond. In an effort to meet Diavolo, Bond finds that should he win the local road rally, he would dine with Diavolo that evening. Bond penetrates the hotel where the drivers are staying, and replaces one of the drivers. Bond finishes as usual, in 1st.

    The dinner does not go as planned. Serena has once more been captured by Diavolo’s thugs, and you have to rescue her. Bond battles through the carnage inside the hotel, and find his way in a secret passage under the hotel where Bond frees Serena. Bond once more finds himself in the rally car, the escape Diavolo’s forces. Bond ditches Serena with the rally car, and rides the Triumph once more. A bike chase not unlike Tomorrow Never Dies’ ensues in the streets, with Bond finding his way back to Diavolo’s mine. Bond’s discovery within the mine is utterly disturbing. Diavolo plans to use his metal destroying nanobots to destroy the armed forces of Russia, and take over the government, putting Communist rule back in place.

    Bond is sent to Russia to stop Diavolo’s final plan. Diavolo plans to explode a bomb under the Kremlin, which would release toxic gas, and kill Russia’s leaders. Bond commandeers one of Diavolo’s platinum tanks to seek out and destroy the bomb. Bond annihilates the bomb and makes his exit out of the Kremlin.

    Bond begins search for Diavolo in a secret underground military base. Bond’s search is hampered by laser sentries, and that pesky indestructible Jaws! Bond defeats Jaws for what is now hopefully the last time. Bond finds himself going against invisible machine gun toting adversaries still in search of Nadanova and Diavolo.

    At last they are found, standing at a control panel ready to fire nuclear missiles with additional nanobot warheads. Bond destroys the controls, stopping the missiles from firing. Nadanova and Diavolo have begun their escape through the escape shaft in a Harrier Hover Jet. The Hover Jet is destroyed but Diavolo still manages to get away.

    Bond and Diavolo begin a one on one intense battle through a warehouse. Diavolo has begun to launch one last rocket. Bond fires several rockets in to the missile, destroying Diavolo and the rocket, once and for all.

    James Bond 007: Everything Or Nothing – Reviewed

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    Soon after its release, Everything or Nothing became “Game of the Month” in many paper publications and on-line game sites. And the game continues to go strong… perhaps to earn the title of “Game of the Year?”